Ana Braga-Henebry

A Seed is Sleepy

Diana Hutts Aston
Sylvia Long

Sometimes a book comes along that is truly outstanding! The acknowledgments page alone of this new book by Dianna Hutts is truly impressive! The text is captivating, telling stories that fascinate young and old readers about all sorts of seeds. I bet many an amateur botanist will have never heard about some of these! The illustrations--just gorgeous--complement this high quality picture book. Our children are learning Botany this semester at Homeschool Co-op and this volume is an excellent enrichment. We have the authors' other one as well--An Egg Is Quiet--also excellent!

Stations of the Cross for Children

Julianne M. Will

This small booklet can make a nice resource for a child during Stations of the Cross devotions.

Who Carved the Mountain? The Story of Mount Rushmore

Jean L. S Patrick
Renee Graef
Our family was delighted to visit Mount Rushmore recently, along with several other Love2Learn families. Since we live in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore books have prominent and permanent diplays in our library system's many branches. Who Carved the Mountain saw the inside of our weekly library bag many times and became our favorite Mount Rushmore picture book.

Fenestrae Fidei

Sean Fitzpatrick

I am so excited to post a review on this new coloring book! My girls and I spent a great part of the last weekend working on these beautiful pictures to color! Sean Fitzpatrick, the artist, knows very well what gets young artists to want to grab those colored pencils...

The illustrations are fairly simple for young hands and yet a more experienced artist can have a lot of fun with it. Hillside Education's site offers the suggestion of brushing the finished pictures with vegetable oil for a stained glass effect, and we did that!

Prayer Book for Catholics

Jacquelyn Lindsey

Prayer Book for Catholics is a handy, simple small book filled with Catholic traditional prayers and more. The prayers are grouped by category: Basic prayers, Blessed Trinity, Litanies, Mary, Saints, Angels, Mass, Eucharistic Adoration. And more: prayers for throughout the day, for everyday, for the Church and the world, and even to help us with reading and understanding sacred scriptures.

Catholic Bible Stories for Children

Ann Ball
Julianne M. Will
Kevin Davidson

This is a very cute and sturdy volume for children who are ready to begin enjoying the stories from the bible but not quite ready for the real thing yet. The paraphrasing is cross-referenced with the corresponding biblical passages and the language is warm and simple yet not overly toned down. Some important passages are kept in the traditional language, such as Psalm 23, the Beatitudes and the Our Father.

Here is an example of the language from the chapter Daniel in the Lions' Den:

The Rosary is Alive

Vincent J. Baratta, M.D., AAFP

The premise of this simple volume revolves around the Rosary and only around the Rosary. Designed to be used during prayer, it provides for a very directed praying experience. Introductory pages explain how to use the book and how to pray the Rosary, and final pages offer references and extras such the story of the Rosary. Each double page displays one mystery, with written reflections and five illustrations. I found it interesting to find a clever mirror image sketch of Swiss painter Antonio Ciseri's famous Ecce Homo painting among the Sorrowful mysteries!

Memorize the Faith! (and Most Anything Else): Using the Methods of the Great Catholic medieval Memory Masters

Kevin Vost

This is neither a textbook nor a homeschool book, yet it could very well serve as basis for a religion curriculum for a year! The author, Kevin Vost Psy. D., teaches not only a time-proved, centuries old method of memorization, he also guides readers step by step through memorizing the major tenets of the Faith.

Easy as 1,2,3

Nancy Nicholson

This is a teacher's manual of sorts for those "seeking a primary-level presentation less restrictive than a text", as the author states in the introduction. The author recommends using Childcraft: How and Why Library by World Book's editions predating 1980 and The Everyday Science Sourcebook to go together with this guide, along with library books.

A Marian Bible Study

Book cover
Laura Marie Wells

The very interesting aspect that first called my attention while doing this review is that the author of Our Sunday Visitor’s A Marian Bible Study took up the project of writing it before she had ever developed a relationship with Our Lady. This writing of the book, thus, is a reflection of someone's own "journey into the heart of Our Lady" as she states simply in the preface.


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