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Melanie Bettinelli

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Melanie Bettinelli is a native Texan learning to love the four seasons in her husband's native New England. She is the mother of two beautiful girls: Isabella, born in May of 2006, and Sophia, born March 2008. She is expecting a son, Benedict Joseph, due in July of 2009.

Although both her daughters are still too young for formal schooling, Melanie already considers herself a homeschooler and has been reading about homeschooling and writing about her research on her blog, The Wine Dark Sea, since before Isabella was born.

Melanie has a degree in English from the University of Dallas and an MA in Literature and Irish Studies from Boston College. She has tutored students in writing and in Latin and has taught writing, literature and humanities classes at Salem State College and Montserrat College of Art in Massachusetts, but now is contented to stay at home with her daughters... the most important job in the world and much more challenging and fulfilling than teaching college students.

In addition to her blog, The Wine Dark Sea, Melanie is also a contributor to First Heralds, a blog about helping toddlers and preschoolers learn about the Catholic faith.

She and her husband also have a sporadically updated cooking blog, In the Kitchen with Bella

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