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Suchi Myjak

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Suchi Myjak is a mom and home educator in addition to being the web design and technical administrator to She is also a reviewer for Love2Learn, high-school religious education teacher, freelance writer, and occasional blogger. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Suchi was a design automation engineer for processor design projects at Intel Corporation, having received her MS in electrical engineering from Arizona State University.

Science has been a lifelong interest of Suchi's. In grade school, she startled her parents by making a working lamp out of scrap wood and spare parts that she found around the house. And the love of science runs in the family: her children also enjoy learning about how the world works, especially by means of experiments.

As a homeschooler, Suchi has guided her teens in building their own computer. She is the author of Behold and See 3, the original science text in the series from Catholic Heritage Curricula; a contributor to Lingua Mater Americana from Hillside Education and Why Should I Learn This? from Homeschool Connections Press and Behold Publications; and was a contributor to mater et magistra magazine.

Suchi and her husband of twenty-something years have graduated two students from their homeschool and continue to home-educate their youngest. Suchi is an adult convert to the Catholic faith, an avid amateur photographer, and loves to sing. You can find Suchi online at Beginning Apologetics blog,, Unity of Truth blog, and Rejoice in Hope.