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Suchi Myjak

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Suchi and her husband, Russ, have three children. They homeschool through high school.

During her childhood, Suchi's parents moved several times, so she lived and attended school in three different countries. Suchi holds a Bachelors and a Masters in Electrical Engineering. Her course and thesis work emphasized semiconductor device physics, circuits, and computer analysis methods. She worked in a chip design group at Intel Corporation until the birth of her first child.

Science has been a lifelong interest of Suchi's. In grade school, she startled her parents by making a working lamp out of scrap wood and spare parts that she found around the house. And the love of science runs in the family: Her children also enjoy learning about how the world works, especially by means of experiments.

Russ introduced Suchi to the Catholic Faith, and she entered the Church after an extended period of intense questioning. Since then, Suchi has been trying to learn more about our Holy Faith. She enjoys apologetics and has completed a home-study Catechist certification course offered through Inter Mirifica. She is active in the local Catholic Homeschoolers' support group.

Suchi is the technical administrator of of Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers. She is the author of Behold and See 3, an elementary science text published by Catholic Heritage Curricula. She blogs at Rejoice in Hope.

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