Ana Braga-Henebry

My First Christmas Sticker Book

Sally Ann Wright
Moira Maclean

I have always loved sticker books-- especially when the drawings are cute as in the case of this booklet. Sticker "scenes" are 2 page- spreads following the story of the birth of Our Lord, and the last page had a suggested scheme of each scene.

Excellence in Literature: American Literature

Janice Campbell

I am very impressed with this new publication by the Institute for Excellence in Writing. It is a user-friendly, comprehensive and resourceful American Literature Course, recommended for 11th grade English. I'd say it is a real possibility I will be using that in our homeschool co-op next year, and it could definitely be doubled as English and Lit. Visit to their website for info and sample pages.

Spring's Gift of Hope

Monique Niemaszyk
Rosemary McAvoy

"Spring's Gift of Hope" is the first book by Moniqe Niemaszyk I read. I understand it is the second of a series and I look forward to the upcoming ones. Although you may want your child to read the first one ("Birthday Snow") of the series first, this volume read very independently.

A New England Catholic family of five children deals with the care and death of an older aunt, and protagonist 18 yr old Gina gets ready for college and a possible romantic relationship. Lessons are learned, hearts are touched, and an example of healthy family and prayer life is gently portrayed.

Saints of the Bible

Theresa Doyle-Nelson

There are so many wonderful saints book out there-- our homeschool shelves are filled with them, and we read and re-read them! This one will be an unique addition to our collection as the saints highlighted within all come from the pages of Holy Scripture!

Language of God Level E

Christine Schintgen

We love CHC English workbooks, this one is no exception. From details such as being spiralbound and nice, white paper, an uncluttered layout, to the pictures and Catholic content, these books offer a superior choice!

The Fathers of the Church, expanded edition

Mike Aquilina

This past year my Lit class in our Tutoring Center read the biography of Saint Athanasius. We were all equally amazed at the tempestuous life of the important Church father: I confess I had never read a Church Father biography until then. As the importance and relevance of reading the early Fathers became evident, I read Mike Aquilina's "The Fathers of the Church" very happily to prepare for this review.

Light to the Nations

Catholic Schools Textbook Project

Most Catholic homeschoolers today are familiar with the high quality level of the Catholic Textbook Projects volumes, and this one, Light to the Nations is no exception. (Note that I write this review based on the CD format of the book). Attractive, user-friendly layout, beautiful reproductions and helpful maps are found throughout the chapters.

Praying the Rosary with St. Paul

Paul Thigpen

I am happy to review this little book as the prayer of the Rosary is my constant life companion. The book consists of clever selections drawn from the biblical writings of Saint Paul, to illustrate a theme related to the fruit of each of the twenty mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

God's Love Story

Poor Clare Nuns, NM
Poor Clare Nuns, NM

I am glad to see a reprinting of this marvelous little book. The author listed is the Poor Clare nuns in Roswell, NM, but if I remember correctly it was the wonderful, intelligent and witty Mother Mary Francis, author of the fabulous "The Right to be Merry" who wrote this wonderful story for children. From Genesis to the Ascension and the descent of the Holy Spirit, the book tells the most important story of all in a language that is story-like, children-friendly, and loving. A great read-loud, and also lots of fun illustrations that may be colored in!

St. Paul: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ

Our homeschool moms' group met monthly this past year and studied this book from cover to cover. We read aloud Fr. Pacwa's text, looked up and read aloud the bible passages, and discussed the questions posed. We learned a lot about Saint Paul! We did it during the year of Saint Paul, but needless to say this book is perfect for a group at any time, as the life of the great Apostle is always relevant, and speaks to our life any time!


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