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Mary-Eileen Swart

Mary-Eileen Swart and her husband Tom are the parents of four children (daughters ages 17, 15, and 8, and a son, 10) living in New Berlin, Wisconsin. They've been homeschooling since the oldest started kindergarten in 1995. For the first six years, Mary-Eileen put together her own curriculum using a variety of sources. When the oldest was in 6th grade, she and her husband decided to enroll in the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy classical curriculum, and they've been happily using that ever since.

In what she considers her "former life" (before marriage, kids, and homeschooling), Mary-Eileen graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Marquette University with a B.A. in psychology, and subsequently attended the University of Minnesota earning a Master's Degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology. She then worked for seven years as a Management Development Specialist at a local utility and also began teaching psychology classes in the evening at Carroll College. She and Tom met when they were both assigned to the same project at the utility (he on the computer side, she on the training side), and were married in 1987. When the first child came along, Mary-Eileen began her "current life" of being a full-time wife, mom, and Catholic homeschooler, finding it to be both more challenging and rewarding than corporate work ever was. Although she continued teaching an evening class or two each semester at Carroll College for quite a few years, she "retired" -- at least temporarily -- from that when their youngest child officially began to homeschool.

Over the years, Mary-Eileen has gotten involved in her local homeschool support group as the newsletter editor and webmaster, and is currently Co-Chair of the GMCHE “Celebrate the Faith” Homeschool Conference. She blogs at Stand in the Trenches.

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