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Not God's Type

Holly Ordway

This is the fascinating and very engaging story of an atheist who converted to Catholicism thanks to her affinity for literature and competitive saber sword-fighting. No really! I love the way she skillfully and accessibly takes us through the series of ideas and arguments she needed to work through in the process of conversion. I am also completely intrigued by the fact that she is a Catholic who now holds the chair of apologetics at Houston Baptist University.

An excellent and fairly quick read for high schoolers and adults that will be especially enjoyed by book-lovers.

Something Other Than God

Jennifer Fulwiler

Jennifer Fulwiler was raised a pro-abortion atheist and was committed to that belief system for many years, but over time a number of little things made her wonder. Eventually she came to see that this was God working in her life. In this delightful and engrossing book, she shares this great illustration of how God works in mysterious, unexpected and sometimes hilarious ways!

Here's a brief sample from a conversation she had with the man she would later marry:

You Can Share the Faith

Karen Edmisten

I highly recommend this terrific little book for everyone who wishes to share their faith with others – especially with their family and friends. Karen is an atheist-turned-Catholic (and Catholic homeschool mom, and contributor to this website) who shares in this book many common aspects of the conversion journey through her own experiences and those of a number of her friends.

Will Wilder

Raymond Arroyo

I am delightfully surprised by this new children's book. The author is talented and the story progresses without you noticing it... Yes, the story grabbed me from the first chapter, and that is a lot to say for this reviewer who is a mother of seven and has read many children's books to her kids. I liked many things about it. Like Frodo and Sam in Lord of The Rings--and all of us ordinary people--Will isn't perfect. He is an ordinary kid called to an important mission. His family and his town are realistic, and the mystery, dangers and mishap well told.

The Story of Job

Regina Doman
Ben Hatke

Ben Hatke's illustrations are the icing on the cake of this wonderful little book. Job is famous for his biblical faithfulness over the most unfortunate circumstances. It is a tremendous story for us in our day, and Regina Doman brings it to life for children--and for adults as well! What a tool of hope in the dark days we live in. The final illustration of the happiness of the couple around their pregnancy and children should be made into life-affirming posters everywhere!

The Secret of the Shamrock

Book cover: 'The Secret of the Shamrock'
Lisa Hendey
Jenn Bower

As my years of homeschooling younger children come to a close, one of the things I enjoy is to teach religious education at the parish. I love telling the kids about the Saints. I just do not think the students hear stories being told or read to them at school these days.

The Monuments Men

Book Cover
Robert M. Edsel

"The Monuments Men" is an engaging and little known story about servicemen who specialized in trying to preserve the art and culture of Europe during World War II. Not only were they involved in trying to get the Allies to do as little damage as possible in fighting the war, but it became almost another front of the war with Hitler, who not only stole and hoarded unbelievable quantities of art (in order to create his own "Fuhrermuseum"), but also gave orders to destroy these hoards of art as the Allies made headway into Germany.

Deathbed Conversions

Book Cover
Karen Edmisten

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of stories about famous (and at times infamous) people who converted to Catholicism after many years of wrestling with God. The author handles their often tough life stories with gentleness and understanding, and with special attention to God's grace working through friends and family members who stuck with these individuals in good times and in bad.

Popes Who Resigned

Book Cover
Thomas Craughwell

This is a fascinating (and very quick read) e-book that briefly outlines the stories of popes who resigned or were deposed (most of them in much more tumultuous circumstances than Pope Benedict XVI. It's a nice way to get a quick glimpse at how complex our church history is (which offers some great perspective for the struggles of our own days) as well as a nice overview of what the papacy means to us and where it comes from.

Little Britches

Book Cover for "Little Britches"
Ralph Moody

We are now in the middle of the Little Britches series, written by Ralph Moody. I cannot speak for Ralph Moody's later books, or his fiction. I am referring to his series of books for children which are also his autobiography. The books have all of the elements you would expect in a good story and more! Family love, courage, disappointments and celebrations, birth, death, creativity and adventures galore.