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Karen Edmisten

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Karen Edmisten lives with her family in the Midwest and has been homeschooling for sixteen years. Karen and her husband, Tom, a high school English teacher, homeschooled two daughters through high school and are still homeschooling their youngest. The family delights in the homeschooling lifestyle and have enjoyed being able to pursue each child's interests through a flexible, relaxed approach to home education.

Karen is a convert from atheism to the Catholic faith. She was received into the Church in 1995, and her husband was received five years later. She is the author of several books, including You Can Share the Faith: Reaching Out One Person at a Time, After Miscarriage: A Catholic Woman's Companion to Healing and Hope, Deathbed Conversions, and others. When she's not writing, homeschooling, or drinking coffee, she can be found online at "Karen Edmisten: The Blog with the Shockingly Clever Title." (

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