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Willa Ryan

My name is Willa Jean Ryan and I have been married to my husband Kevin Ryan since 1985. We met in Oregon, where I got my BA in English Literature and he got his BS in Computer Science. He now designs and programs computer games and has been able to work at home since about 1991. We have a small Christian game business which is located at

We have at present six living children: Liam Mayo born in 1986. Brendan Calder born in 1988, Clare Francis born 1990, Sean Timothy born 1993, Kieron Thomas born 1996, and Aidan Michael born 1999. They are all boys except for Clare! I was confirmed into the Catholic faith the Easter after Clare was born, but I owe my Evangelical parents an immense debt of gratitude for raising me to seek after the truth and after God.

Liam went to parochial school for the first two grades, but my husband kept talking to me about homeschooling and finally, after an illness of my fourth child Sean and hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I was able to summon the courage to take such a step. We have homeschooled since 1993, through all kinds of life events -- moves to a different state, the loss of our little twins before birth, and the illness of our youngest Aidan, who received a liver transplant at age 3 months on the Feast of St Therese. We used Seton at first, but switched to Kolbe Academy in early 1995. We live in the Sierra Mountains of California, well above the snow line, where we are able to see plenty of deer and coyote, and once a bear.

Willa is also the moderator of the Catholic Classical Education e-mail list.

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