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Ana Braga-Henebry

Ana Braga-Henebry has seven children with her husband, Geoff Henebry, a research scientist and university professor. They live in the country north of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ana has an art degree from the St. Teresa d'Avila College, Brazil and a M.A. in Humanities/Aesthetic Studies from The University of Texas at Dallas. In her thesis Ana discussed the poetry of a prolific Brazilian Benedictine monk, translated a hefty selection of his poetry, and elaborated on the process of translating poetry.

Ana and Geoff have been homeschooling for over fifteen years with a classical approach, using a variety of curricula. Calvert School provided wonderful and supportive materials in the beginning, always completed by the Faith and Life religion catechesis series, which is the one curriculum element that has remained identical since day one. Of course back then they could only dream of the plethora of Catholic materials available today. Catholic Heritage Curricula and Kolbe Academy are two of their favorite resources. The published volumes in the Catholic Textbook Project and Dr. Leek's Our Roman Roots are also mainstays.

Ana grew up as the seventh of ten children in a family in which dinner table conversation revolved around physics, foreign films, or linguistic curiosities, depending on the day of the week. Taught by her mother to read and write and only then attending half-day school (as all Brazilian children do), Ana likes to believe she was homeschooled herself in a time and age when the movement did not exist. Ana's parents speak four languages, have traveled the world, and exhibit an untiring desire for learning and teaching.

Ana and Geoff were married during graduate school and were blessed with two children before their dual graduation in 1989. The family has lived in Texas, Kansas, Brazil, New Jersey, and Nebraska as they followed Geoff's career in academia. They were blessed with more children in every state, adding to a chaotic and wonderful total of seven children. Today they are experimenting with acreage life, collecting fresh eggs daily, and attempting to care for vegetable, herb and corn and potatoes gardens in South Dakota, which is a long way from Ana's childhood years in the very big city of Rio de Janeiro.

Ana reviewed children's and parenting materials for Parent Council, LTD. from 1994 until its closure in 2002. She has enjoyed reviewing for Love2Learn since March 2006. She blogs vignettes of family and acreage life with pictures, recipes, and occasional favorite books or opinions on contemporary issues at

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