Ana Braga-Henebry

Starting with Shakespeare

Pauline Nelson
Todd Daubert

Unit Study-loving families may find in Starting with Shakespeare a very useful resource! This book is literary filled with Shakespeare-related activities!

The Bard of Avon

Diane Stanley

Diane Stanley's picture book biographies are wonderful! I can think of a number of titles I have seen so often on homeschool families' shelves: Joan of Ark, Michelangelo, Peter the Great, Saladin, Charles Dickens, and more! She has a very unique and captivating way to write--and illustrate--these great historical figures' biographies! These are longer picture books with a pretty good amount of text on each page.

A Storyteller's Version of Shakespeare for Kids

Shakespeare as told by Jim Weiss

I love Melissa Wiley's quote on Jim Weiss' website: "Suddenly I understand. My four-year-old is narrating Shakespeare...Thank you, Jim Weiss!" (

My teenagers have fond memories of doing just that-- listening and quoting Shakespeare in early elementary school. I asked my 16 year old before I wrote this review and his opinion was that this CD offers the usual Jim Weiss traits: high quality adaptations, great storytelling voice, well done character voices.

Shakespeare Can Be Fun series

Lois Burdett
William Shakespeare

Lois Burdett was an elementary school teacher in Canada who found herself in a town where every public school was named after a work of Shakespeare, and yet her students knew nothing of the Bard! The books in this series contain her work to present Shakespeare to her very young (second grades) students.

Preparing your Child for Baptism

Janet Schaeffler, OP

A concise, brief synopsis to aid parents regarding the Baptism of their children. The rite and symbols of this Sacrament are explained, and there is a page on the seven sacraments. In addition, there are scripture readings, prayers and some questions parents may have about he rite of Baptism as well as on Christian living. An interesting page offers "Suggestions of 8 ways to fulfill our Baptismal promises for year to come": I liked some of these, including the suggestion of celebrating baptismal anniversaries and talking to your children about their godparents.

Preparing your Child for Confirmation

Janet Schaeffler, OP

This is a concise guide for parents of young people who are preparing to be confirmed. Questions and answers about confirmation names, sponsors and service projects are brought up, along with suggestions for family discussion and scripture readings.

The seven gifts as well as the twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit are highlighted with explanatory notes for the youth.

Mother to the Poor

Jung-wook Ko
Mary W. Chung
Seung-bum Park

Once in a while I am fortunate to review a book that is outstanding, and this is one of them! Mother to the Poor tells the story of the great modern saint of our time in a marvelous way: the beautiful illustrations, the quality of the paper, the language--loving, biographical, translated from Korean. It reads like a picture book, but a meaty picture book!

Catholic Saints Prayer Book

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

Catholic Saints Prayer Book is a small format, handsomely bound in sewn hardcover and printed in high quality, decorated paper. This little treasure will make a great gift any time of the year. Thirty-two saints, from Saint Anne to Saint Thomas More, are described, quoted and invoked in intercessory prayer.

The traditional illustrations complement the beauty of this little book. The text reflects the teachings of the Catholic Church and our rich traditions! The prayers are write in colloquial style and yet still reverent and respectful.

The Holy Mass in My Pocket

Mary Joseph Peterson, FSP

This is an inexpensive, small and thin book with the text and rubrics of the Mass for children. Illustrations show different parts of the mass, both in the pews and in the sanctuary. Rubrics include such explanations as "Here we bow until the words..." and "The Apostle's Creed is said in Canada and in some masses for children". The illustration for the reception of Holy Communion shows a child receiving the host in his hands.

Christian Heritage Art Program

Book cover: 'Christian Heritage Art Program'
Sr. Marie Vianney Hamilton, O.P.

When my friend came back from a Catholic homeschooling conference she was excited to present this set of DVDs to me, since I teach art at our local co-op. I shared in her excitement even before previewing it: a complete elementary school art curriculum, written by a Nashville Dominican sister? Wow.


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