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Flower Gardening for Our Lady Chart

Comes with a high quality china marker that works quite well. Children can mark all of their good deeds for each day of the week, as well as affix earned flowers stickers (2 sheets with 100 stickers each included). They can also "lose roses" if they sin ("fight, lie, are unkind, disobedient, lazy", etc) which is something I hadn't seen in a chart like this before. The back of the chart lists rules for using it and how many flowers children should attempt to win daily. Suggestions of "holy rewards" are given, as well as more examples of sinful behavior that will cause one to lose roses.

That Love May Grow

Content of material written for marriage preparation programs is, of course, of paramount importance. Marriage is the building block of society, and Christian marriage, under so much attack in today's society, needs to be properly understood.

Emily's Everyday Manners

Peggy Post
Cindy Post Senning
Steve Bjorkman

I just love it when people we have just met compliment the children and report on their good, polite behavior. We have received compliments at restaurants, family homes and church. (Of course, I am purposely disregarding here those other times... .) I believe most homeschool families find it a priority to teach the children good manners from their tenderest years. I too have enjoyed purchasing the preschool books on manners from catalogs, as well as finding picture books on this subject from the local library. Alas, they are usually a disappointment.

Creating a Cooperative Learning Center

Katherine Houk

Most homeschool families today are involved in some form of co-op. Indeed, for many, homeschool co-ops have made homeschooling much more feasible, providing classes taught by other parents and social time for children as well as for homeschool parents.

Memoria Press' Henle Latin Guides

Cheryl Lowe
Martin Cothran

Fr. Henle's Latin course is now well recognized as a superior choice among Catholic homeschoolers. Many curricula have adopted it and recommend it, and also publish syllabi and course plans of their own to aid families in breaking it down the lessons day by day. For instance, Mother of Divine Grace School and Kolbe Academy both have their own plans available beginning at the High School freshman level.

God Listens to Our Children

Kelly Renz

This book is filled with prayers for children from cover to cover! The premise of author Kelly Renz is that formal prayers are too distant from the language children use everyday. Moving through the liturgical year and reflecting specifically a reading from each daily mass, the prayers have been written in simple language and are of short length--five to seven lines at the most.

The Four Questions Logic Tutorial

Shirreware, a small independent producer of educational software based in northeast Kansas, has two new products available now for High School and College students who are studying logic. Descriptions from their website state:

Our first program, Labyrynth™, presents students of traditional, or Aristotelian, logic with a series of questions and problems to solve through the medium of a three-dimensional, graphical world.

The Dot and the Line

Norton Juster

Freedom is not a license for chaos. is my son's signature below his email messages. It was written by Norton Juster, of The Phantom Toolbooth fame, and it comes from our almost-17-year-old's favorite book.

Greathall Audio Productions

Jim Weiss

Listening to good quality and content audio recording has been a mainstay for our family: they complement reading alone and reading aloud quite well. We have crossed the country listening to great renditions of Fr. Brown, Jeeves and Wooster, and Huckleberry Finn among many others. My husband commutes at least four times a week to the University 55 minutes away and has been become quite a critic of audio productions.

Getting Started with Latin

William E. Linney

To prepare for this review, I decided to put this book to practical use. Nightly, as our family sits down to family prayers, husband begins by doing a lesson orally with the kids. It's been a hit, a very nice family activity indeed. We all participate, from first to tenth grader, mom included. For some of us it's mostly review, for some it is all new, but we all look forward to it.


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