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North and South

Elizabeth Gaskell

Although North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell is a novel that deals with a complexity of social issues related to the industrialization of Victorian England, it is the development of Margaret and Mr. Thornton’s relationship that carries the day. At nineteen, Margaret Hale is forced to deal with a series of dramatic changes that effect her life, eventually transforming her into a young woman who can think and reason for herself regardless of social mores.

Refuting the Attack on Mary

Father Mateo

Father Mateo was the pen name of a Catholic priest who was also a professor at a prominent university. From 1987 until his death in 1996, he hosted the “Ask Father” forum on Catholic Information Network.

Saint Francis of Assisi

G.K. Chesterton

This is a truly amazing and beautiful "sketch" of St. Francis of Assisi - not so much a story (though a number of stories are included) as an appreciation and elucidation of who Saint Francis was and, quite simply, the impact he had on the world.

What Catholics Really Believe

Dr. Ray Guarendi
Rev. Kevin Fete

This is a DVD apologetics series produced in 13 half-hour segments. Dr. Ray Guarendi and Rev. Kevin Fete discuss major issues of Catholic belief which are often misunderstood by Protestants and others - with an emphasis on support for Catholic belief from Scripture and from the Early Church Fathers. It's a lively discussion (Dr. Ray often breaks into "devil's advocate" mode!) with substantial but very accessible content. Basic topics covered are the following: Jesus, the Bible, Scripture and Tradition, Eucharist (2 episodes), Baptism, Morality, Confession, Mary (2 episodes), St.

Where Valor Lies

Adele and Cateau De Leeuw

For young Richard, life as a poor Parisian apprentice seems rather grim compared to the glamour of going on a crusade with good King Louis IX. After he hears the impassioned words of a friar preaching in a town square, Richard abandons his unhappy apprenticeship and enthusiastically joins up with King Louis’ Crusade. Little does he realize what he is getting himself into. But, before he runs away to join up, he “instinctively” enters the great cathedral of Notre Dame to pray about his future and a problem that is weighing him down.

No Price Too High and A Dinner with Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a former Pentecostal preacher who converted to the Catholic faith, along with his family and his congregation, in 2001. This presentation is a talk he gave a few months before he was formally received into the Church, in which he first publicly told the story of his conversion. It was his study of the Early Church Fathers, in particular, that brought him into the Church. It is followed by a dinner table conversation, including questions from guests - both Catholic and Protestant. Hosted by Steve Ray.

Why Be Catholic?

Dr. Ray Guarendi

Many people are familiar with Dr. Ray Guarendi - psychologist, father of 10 and expert on family discipline. You may not know that he has a number of apologetics materials available as well.

Memorize the Faith! (and Most Anything Else): Using the Methods of the Great Catholic medieval Memory Masters

Kevin Vost

This is neither a textbook nor a homeschool book, yet it could very well serve as basis for a religion curriculum for a year! The author, Kevin Vost Psy. D., teaches not only a time-proved, centuries old method of memorization, he also guides readers step by step through memorizing the major tenets of the Faith.

Aquinas 101

Francis Selman

If you, like me, had very little to no Thomistic Philosophy in high school or college, and would love to know more, this book is for you. What a pleasure for me it has been to read Aquinas 101 in preparation for this review. The book brings forth a surprisingly readable and sometimes funny Saint Thomas!

To begin, I quote from the publisher's site, Ave Maria Press:


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