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Much Ado About Nothing

William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing is an uproarious comedy (with plenty of dramatic elements) about love and hate. While awaiting the marriage of Hero and Claudio, several plots unfold. One is an incredibly funny conspiracy to set up Beatrice and Benedick, two swift-tongued sworn enemies, to fall in love with each other. The other is nefarious, a plan to ruin Hero by convincing Claudio and company that she has been unfaithful.

King Lear

William Shakespeare

King Lear is the heart-wrenching tragedy of a king with three daughters who decides to test their love for him as a condition for inheriting a part of his kingdom. Naturally the two who are most interested in the prize are the most willing to tell him what he wants to hear. The youngest, Cordelia, in her honesty and simplicity, refuses to flatter him and is disinherited. Over time, Lear realizes his mistake, as his two other daughters are only “nice” when they have something to gain from it.

Stories from Shakespeare

Marchette Chute

This children’s version includes 36 of Shakespeare's 37 plays. Chute covers the essential plots of the plays in a readable modern prose. Although her style is clear, simple and direct, it contains a certain lyrical quality. Not just summaries, these are wonderful stories. Especially appropriate for 12 and up, it might also be enjoyed as a read-aloud for younger children.


cover from first quarto, c 1619
William Shakespeare

Othello, which we studied in tenth grade, is a dark play, a tragedy brought about by Othello's surrender to Iago's campaign of deceit.

Foyle's War

This is a war series, set in England during WWII. The series centers around an aging detective, with a dry English wit, and an unassuming manner. Each episode (there are five sets in the Foyle’s War series and each set has four episodes in it) involves a murder mystery.

There is an assortment of likable characters that appear throughout the series.

Some of the British dialect is at times difficult to decipher. The movies would also have appeal for history students.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Title page of the play, from the first quarto
William Shakespeare

We studied this Shakespeare comedy in 9th grade using an "interleaved" edition featuring the original text on one side and notes to clarify the meanings of archaic terms on the facing pages. Looking at the text on the pages was a little daunting, but it is amazing what a difference reading it aloud in class made. Suddenly the words were not so strange or difficult to follow any more, and as it is a play -- not a novel -- reading aloud really helped bring it to life. Our class was also able to attend a live outdoor performance, which further enhanced our study of the play.

Faith Charts: The Bible at a Glance

Scott Hahn

When you study the Bible, do you find yourself confused by how what you're reading fits in with other parts of the Bible? Wouldn't it be nice to have an easy visual resource that helps you connect the pieces together and start to get a better sense of the whole?

This may be just what you're looking for. This colorful six-page laminated fold-out chart (written by Scott Hahn!) is a handy reference guide to have by your side when studying the Bible. It has brief, but helpful overviews on the following topics:

Jesus of Nazareth

Pope Benedict XVI
Adrian J. Walker

It's rather lovely, I think that the Pope uses in his own book a phrase (which he applies to the parables of Jesus) which aptly describes this fascinating book: "...it not only or even primarily adds to what we know, but it changes our lives."

The Lark on the Wing

Elfrida Vipont
T. R. Freeman

Set during the late 1940’s, The Lark on the Wing is the story of a young woman on the brink of a new career. Seventeen-year-old Kit desires with all her heart to sing professionally, but one obstacle after another pops up in her way. Will she be able to overcome all these obstacles to fulfill her life’s dream?

The Lark on the Wing captures the doubts, the excitement, and the energy of young people on the brink of adulthood with a world of myriad choices before them, including young love. The plot is fast-paced, effortlessly moving from one scene to the next.

Fit for Eternal Life

Book cover: 'Fit for Life'
Kevin Vost, Psy. D.

With an eye-popping cover that is sure to catch your attention, Fit for Eternal Life is not your typical, Catholic fare. Blending spiritual fitness with physical fitness and eating right, Fit for Eternal Life offers a balanced, Christian approach to a healthy lifestyle.


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