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Common Ground

This DVD presents an engaging dialogue (Question and Answer format) between a Catholic priest and a Protestant minister. Produced by a Protestant Church, it primarily consists of common Protestant Questions/Objections about the Catholic Faith that are answered by the priest.

The One-Minute Apologist

Dave Armstrong

The clever, user-friendly layout of this book makes it very practical! In the introduction, author Dave Armstrong explains that he hopes to empower Catholics to be able to defend their faith with the aid of this book: I believe the book is capable of doing just that!

Behind Enemy Lines

H. R. DeMallie

This is a fascinating personal account of a U.S. Air Force pilot who was shot down over Holland and spent the rest of World War II in a POW camp in Germany. He wrote it specifically to honor the Dutch who took care of him at great peril to their own lives.

It was a particularly interesting read after being acquainted with Hilda Van Stockum's The Winged Watchman as locations and situations are very similar.

How-to Book of the Bible

Karl A. Schultz

I was pleasantly surprised when I sat down with this book—actually, I was hooked! And another thing: I wish this book was available during my years of Bible study.... If you think the subtitle—Everything You Need To Know But No One Ever Taught You—is a little pretentious, it isn't. This book really does live up to its claim: it answers all of those questions you may have had about the Bible. Which translation is best? Why? Protestant Vs. Catholic Bible? And what about the Old Testament? How to understand puzzling passages? And more, much more.

Saints of Asia

Vincent J. O'Malley, C.M.

How many Asian saints can you name? Saint Andrew Kim? Saint Paul Miki? Not bad.

We don't tend to learn much about Asian history today, much less about Catholic history in Asia. Did you know that the Catholic faith survived in India from the time of St. Thomas the Apostle? A number of saints in this collection were descended from families who were catechized by St. Thomas!

Guerilla Apologetics for Catholics

Book cover
Paul E. Nowak

Here are two great resources for Catholic bookshelves everywhere. Written by a homeschooling dad named Paul E. Nowak, Guerilla Apologetics for Catholics and Guerilla Apologetics for Life Issues are wonderful resources for educated debates on Catholicism and pro-life concerns.

I first heard about these books because my brother, Paul A. Nowak, did the cartoons in the Life Issues book. So, I do have a bit of bias on these books. But I really like the clean, direct apologetics contained in both of these slim volumes.

Fishers of Men

Do you have a son who is open to the vocation of the priesthood? He doesn’t have to be college age to become totally absorbed in this outstanding documentary-drama Fishers of Men. In fact, just about all ages from our homeschool group, with the exception of toddlers and preschoolers, previewed this film.

The First Whole Book of Diagrams

Mary Daly

I was not taught to diagram sentences as part of my education, so I first viewed such diagrams as a curiosity; however, I have gradually come to appreciate their value as a tool for helping my children understand how the works and ideas in a sentence are related. I have, for example, diagrammed Latin sentences for them to help them understand the structure and grammar of that language.

Creator and Creation (third edition)

Book cover
Mary O. Daly

This readable volume is a great resource on issues of creation and evolution in light of Church teaching. I really appreciated the depth that Mrs. Daly brings to this topic in viewing it from many angles, all the while using our God-given reason in the light of His revealed Truth as evidenced in scripture, the Catechism, and other Church documents. She manages to avoid both of the usual extremes of biblical literalism and scientific absolutism (evolutionism).

This quote from the book explains its value very well:

John Treegate's Musket

Leonard Wibberley

The year is 1769, not even ten years after the French and Indian War, when colonial militia joined the British regulars in defeating the French. John Treegate proudly served in the militia then. As a symbol of his fierce loyalty to England and in remembrance of those days gone by, he proudly displays his musket over his mantle.


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