The Children of Noisy Village

Astrid Lindgren
Puffin Books
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124 pages
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This story is about a nine year old girl and her friends and brothers. They all lived in Noisy Village, which was really three farms with seven children running around and being noisy which is why everyone called it Noisy Village. In South Farm lived a boy named Olaf and his little sister Kersten. In Middle Farm lived Karl, Bill and Lisa. In North Farm lived two girls named Britta and Anna. They have a few adventures with the grumpy shoemaker, have trouble coming home from school on time and have many other hilarious adventures, but you will have to read the book to find out about them. I think girls would like this book a little bit better than boys would, but I think your whole family will enjoy this amusing, fast-read book.

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Reviewer age 9

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