Ria Van Hecke

Becky Landers: Frontier Warrior

Constance Lindsay Skinner

Becky Landers, being the man of the family, knew that if there was to be turkey on the Christmas dinner table, she would have to provide it.”

The Red Falcons of Tremoine

Hendry Peart

At fifteen Leo, living at the Abbey of St. Michael in England in the 13th century, knows nothing about his past or parentage. The Abbot of the said Abbey alone knows the boy's history but tells him nothing until the heir of the house of Wardlock is killed in the crusades. Then after receiving permission from Sir Maurice (the current lord of Wardlock) the Abbot tells Leo that he is the heir not only to the house of Wardlock but also the heir to their traditional enemy the house of Tremoine.

A Boy and His Pony

Book cover: 'Billy and Blaze: A Boy and His Pony'
C.W. Anderson

This book is about a boy and his horse. The boy and his horse like to go riding together. He got his horse for his birthday. And later on he saw a dog in the woods and brought it home. My four year old brother likes the story and so do I. I am six years old and I can read it. The other book that we have in the series is called "Blaze and the Indian Cave".

The Children of Noisy Village

Astrid Lindgren

This story is about a nine year old girl and her friends and brothers. They all lived in Noisy Village, which was really three farms with seven children running around and being noisy which is why everyone called it Noisy Village. In South Farm lived a boy named Olaf and his little sister Kersten. In Middle Farm lived Karl, Bill and Lisa. In North Farm lived two girls named Britta and Anna. They have a few adventures with the grumpy shoemaker, have trouble coming home from school on time and have many other hilarious adventures, but you will have to read the book to find out about them.

Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Preaching Beggar - additional

Brendan Larnen, O.P.
Milton Lomask

(Additional Review) "Essentials and Accidentals"

Once Saint Thomas Aquinas was in a class that Saint Albert the Great taught. One day St. Albert asked why this was silly: "I am a human being and I have a high pitched voice; therefore all human beings have high-pitched voices."

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