Faith and Life Religion Series

Book cover: 'Faith and Life Religion Series'
Ignatius Press
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This is a very popular religion series for Catholic homeschoolers. There are probably many reasons for this: they're reasonably priced, they're filled with beautiful selections of fine religious art, and they're unquestionably orthodox. The series incorporates questions from The Baltimore Catechism for memorization. Some homeschoolers don't like the brief content (the text contains approximately one lesson per week - although there is also a work book, teacher's manual and extensive resource guide available for each grade). Others are glad to have a solid text for the backbone of their religion curriculum that leaves room for lots of supplementing with Saints Stories, Bible study, memorization, service projects, devotions, celebrations of holy days, etc.

Please Note: The Seventh Grade book contains an examination of conscience in the back that touches upon sins that are unfortunately common among the type of youngsters that this series was aimed at (largely public school students who attend CCD) but might be better avoided with innocent homeschooled children. I don't believe that the series needs to avoided for this reason, but the segment, and in particular the word "masturbation" should probably be avoided at this age level.

Update: This series has been updated in the 2000s, with expanded activity books.
This series is available from most of the Catholic homeschool suppliers including those listed below.

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Original series 1980s; updated 2000s

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