Meat & Potatoes Catholicism

Rev. Joseph F. Classen

Are you malnourished? Many Catholics feel that they don’t know the faith, they are spiritually malnourished. To satisfy your hunger for the faith, Fr. Classen wants to feed you the fundamentals of your faith in Meat & Potatoes Catholicism.

Determined to write a book that makes sense to those who sit in the pews, Fr. Classen has set out to educate you in the essentials of the faith. As he says, “We need to nourish ourselves and feed voraciously on the basic fundamentals of our Catholic faith and redefine the way we live our lives.”

Questions and Answers

Pope Benedict XVI

The cover of the book says it all. Fully attentive to the children before him, he is ready to assist them in the best way possible through his prayers, and in this case, his answers to their questions about life and faith. The person is Pope Benedict XVI and the book is Questions and Answers.

The New Catholic Quiz: Second Grade

Book cover: 'The New Catholic Quiz: Second Grade'

Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. See description above.

Sample questions from this book (page one)
God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are called ________.
(a. the Communion of Saints, b. the Most Holy Trinity, c. the Beatitudes)
The Eucharist helps us to ___________.
(a. dream, b. think. c. love)
Jesus teaches that forgiving others is better than revenge. True or false?
Prayer is more like _________.
(a. running away, b. looking for fun, c. thirsting for water)

The New Catholic Quiz: First Grade

Book cover: 'The New Catholic Quiz: First Grade'

This book provides 200 questions (50 each in four different categories based on the four sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church - Beliefs, Sacraments, Morality and Prayer) to help children reinforce basic points of Catholic doctrine. Each page has a question from each category with answers on the back of the page. The color-coding makes for easy reading and checking of answers. My children really enjoyed the sometimes humorous choices for the multiple-choice questions. I thought these made the Quiz more engaging and helped them be more memorable for children.

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