Catechetical Programs

Our Holy Faith Series

My Father and Mother on Earth and in Heaven (Book One)

Faith Quest: The Basics

Book cover: 'Faith Quest: The Basics'
Michelle Willis, M.Ed.

Faith Quest, The Basics is an interactive computer program that covers the fundamentals of the Catholic faith. The package includes a CD-Rom and a Facilitator Resource Guide. It has both a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.

The Facilitator Guide includes an overview of the materials, Lesson Worksheets, Quizzes, Crossword Puzzles, Unit Practice Test, Unit Test, and Answer Keys.

Faith and Life Religion Series

Book cover: 'Faith and Life Religion Series'

This is a very popular religion series for Catholic homeschoolers. There are probably many reasons for this: they're reasonably priced, they're filled with beautiful selections of fine religious art, and they're unquestionably orthodox. The series incorporates questions from The Baltimore Catechism for memorization. Some homeschoolers don't like the brief content (the text contains approximately one lesson per week - although there is also a work book, teacher's manual and extensive resource guide available for each grade).

The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 2

Book cover: 'The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 2'
Father Bennett Kelley, CP

Book no. 2 has the same division and order as book no. 1, but the lessons are more in depth for the older student, taking a spiral approach. Its recommended use is for grades six through eight.

This book is available from nearly all Catholic homeschool providers, including those listed below.

The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No.1

Book cover: 'The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No.1'
Father Bennett Kelley, CP

Though very inexpensive, the New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechisms written by Father Lovasik are worth their weight in gold. They are based on the Baltimore Catechism which was first approved by the Archbishop of Baltimore, James Cardinal Gibbons in 1885. The New Saint Joseph version goes beyond the simple question-and-answer format of the original catechism, it incorporates Holy Scripture with each lesson and includes discussion questions, a fill-in-the-blank section, and suggested Bible readings at the end of each lesson.

Pilgrims of the Holy Family

Book cover: 'Pilgrims of the Holy Family'
Kerry and Nancy MacArthur

This program encourages children to learn about themselves and their world while imparting Catholic ideals. Pilgrims of the Holy Family is well suited to be used by individuals or in a group setting as an alternative to secular scouting programs. Written by a homeschooling family of five, "Pilgrims" presents 75 enrichment activities each of which allows the child to achieve a degree of mastery in a particular topic. Those familiar with scouting will recognize some of the topical activity sets as similar to scouting badges.

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