Susan Kalis

William Shakespeare's The Tempest

Marianna Mayer (adapted by)
Lynn Bywaters

Unequalled, lavish artwork on two-page spreads include inset text boxes that incorporate the story into the art. The plot is written in prose, although the more difficult vocabulary is more appropriate for upper elementary and older students. Richly detailed illustrations capture the reader’s attention, telling the story without words. If you intend to introduce The Tempest, this version is not to be missed!

Owls in the Family

Farley Mowat

Owls in the Family is a wonderful story of a few years in the life of a young boy growing up in Canada, his friends, and his unusual pets. This tale, by distinguished author Farley Mowat, is told in the first person, recounting hilarious episodes with colorful descriptions, proving that real life can be even more fun than a made-up story.

Handwriting 5 for Young Catholics

Recently revised by the Seton staff, this 5th grade handwriting worktext has already become a favorite in our homeschool. The book begins with a review of both capital and lower-case letters in a traditional cursive font, then continues with a state-by-state journey across America. Using a copywork style of presentation, the text includes a blend of American history, US geography, and the study of famous Americans and holy persons and places. Each model line of text is immediately followed by a blank line on which the text is to be written.


Bernard Tavitian

Blokus is more than just the most awarded game in recent history; it has almost become a phenomenon. A visit to the company website will quickly convince you how popular this game has become; international tournaments, online demonstrations, interactive Internet-based games, and even a free lost-part replacement service are just some of the features. After playing the game for several months, we are convinced that these awards are well-deserved!

Great Estimations

Bruce Goldstone

Great Estimations is an eye-popping introduction to the art of, or perhaps the science of, mathematical estimation. Bold colors and clear photographs are used to demonstrate simple, concrete approaches to an abstract mathematical concept. Penguins and pennies. Jelly beans and elbow macaroni. Plastic shoes and paper clips. Practice the techniques for eye training and the methods for clump counting and box counting. Then you can estimate how many of them there are - maybe before your young student does!

An Egg is Quiet

Dianna Aston
Sylvia Long

Truly a "living book" in the fullest sense, An Egg is Quiet is a visual delight, full of soft, gentle colors and beautiful pages that manages to incorporate a great deal of scientific information without looking like a science book at all. This is a field guide to eggs for the youngest scientists, perhaps through the early elementary grades, that also feels like a story book with a surprise, but not wholly unexpected, ending.

Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons

Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Jane Dyer

Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons is an outstanding new addition to our family library - this book is a very clever mixture of gorgeous children, lovely pets, and scrumptious cookies combined with important ideas for all ages. I think that this is one of the most memorable "virtues" books that I have seen for young children. Difficult concepts are described both through subtle clues in the illustrations and through little stories related to cookies in the text.

Homeschooling with Gentleness

Book cover: 'Homeschooling with Gentleness: A Catholic Discovers Unschooling'
Suzie Andres

Foreward by Ralph McInerny

This is a "February book". You know---one of those books you need to read when the dark gray days of February stretch out as endlessly as the school year, when it seems that no one has accomplished anything despite your unwavering effort, and when you realize that you still have fifteen years to go before your youngest graduates from homeschooling. Reading Homeschooling with Gentleness will reassure you that your work has not been in vain and that your children are likely learning much more than it appears at this moment.

A Mother's Rule of Life

Book cover: 'A Mother's Rule of Life: How to Bring Order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soul'
Holly Pierlot

Have you ever considered motherhood to be your vocation? Have you prayerfully considered the various daily duties and burdens of your state in life? Do you think that prayer time will have to wait until your children are older? until the dishes are done? until the entire house is decluttered? Do you long for the peace of the monastery? A nap? A clean house? A day in which all he schoolwork is completed? This is the book that will help you learn how to "do it all" without losing your mind or spending a fortune, while you and your family grow in holiness and peace.

A Year With God

Book cover: 'A Year With God: Celebrating the Liturgical Year'

A Year With God is simply THE purchase of the year! Completely original, inspiring, and unique, the abundance of fresh ideas and activities will re-energize your religion class and re-motivate you to make your homeschool a truly Catholic school in every sense of the word. Spanning the liturgical year, A Year With God contains hundreds of carefully detailed and illustrated projects and activities. Nearly all of these can be extended into several other projects, giving you many, many years of exciting projects to work on with your students.


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