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Exploring the Sky

Book cover: 'Exploring the Sky: Projects for Beginning Astronomy'
Richard Moeschl

As your student begins to look skyward and ask questions, take them in one hand and this book in the other! With this book, an assortment of ordinary household things, binoculars or a telescope, and lots of time you can teach a fascinating, hands-on course in beginning astronomy for an entire year. Exploring the Sky is not a textbook. It isn't a storybook. It IS a living book guide to exploring the heavens with an interesting mix of history, biography, folklore, legend, science facts and science fiction, and even some mathematics and art.

The Weight of a Mass

Book cover: 'The Weight of a Mass'
Josephine Nobisso
Katalin Szegedi

The best and most memorable lessons are taught through stories, and this gorgeous picture book will teach an unforgettable one. The Weight of a Mass is written in a fairy-tale style and enhanced by rich watercolor illustrations. It will appeal equally well to both boys and girls through countless re-readings.

Legends of Saints and Beasts

Book cover: 'Legends of Saints and Beasts'
Ann Marie Jauss

What a lovely book! Legends of Saints and Beasts retells the stories of four saints and their associations with animals. Included in this beautiful hardbound collection are the stories of Saint Jerome and the lion, Saint Roch and his dog, Saint Francis and the Wolf, and Saint Macarius and the hyena. The text is written in a decorative style in which capital letters are colored in a pattern reminiscent of medieval texts, and the colorful line-drawn illustrations are charming.

Angel in the Waters

Book cover: 'Angel in the Waters'
Regina Doman
Ben Hatke

Inspirational! Impressive! Instructional!

Christopher's Talks to Catholic Children

David L. Greenstock

What a beautiful book! Do you imagine teaching the catechism to your children through stories and illustrations? This is the book to use. Christopher's Talks to Catholic Children is a book of stories for children from the youngest ages up through elementary school. Written in the first person with a friendly, gentle tone, each story is a beautifully-presented lesson in the whole of the catechism.

Chats With God's Little Ones

Book cover: 'Chats With God's Little Ones'
Mrs. Margaret Mary Myers

Chats With God's Little Ones is a unique Catholic religion course for the youngest of students from pre-kindergarten up through the second grade. Written to the teacher, the lessons are designed to be used orally with the student in a Charlotte Mason three-step style of asking the child, answering with the child, and the re-telling by the child. The lessons are presented as guided scripts for the teacher, who can personalize them and adapt them to the needs and interest of the child.

It's a Mystery! The Secret Garden

Book cover: 'It's a Mystery! The Secret Garden'
Sandra Garant

It's a Mystery! It's a Hit! Summer vacation will never be the same. Traditionally, Vacation Bible School curricula are either strongly Protestant or only vaguely Christian. Now there is an alternative that is not only Catholic but also lots of fun for everyone.

Holy Names of Jesus: Devotions, Litanies, and Meditations

Ann Ball

Did you know that Jesus is also known as "Divine Mercy" and "The Incarnate Word"? OK, those were easy ones. Do you know the story of the "Infant Jesus of Prague" or "The Black Christ of Esquipulas"? Mrs. Ball has written an interesting book describing the numerous names by which Our Lord has been known throughout time and throughout the world. The earliest names, of course, come from the Bible, but many of the others have been made known through the writings of the saints, visions, and documented miracles. Others are simply devotional.

God In Our House

Joseph A. Breig

I always look forward to the new books published by Neumann Press, and this book was worth waiting for! God In Our House is a collection of essays that were originally published on a weekly basis in a Catholic magazine named America. Because this feature of the magazine was so popular, the editors published this book, which Neumann Press has now republished.

A Catholic Family Prayer Book

Book cover: 'A Catholic Family Prayer Book'

1st copy FREE for one "Hail Mary"; suggested donation $2-$5 thereafter


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