The Weight of a Mass

Book cover: 'The Weight of a Mass'
Josephine Nobisso
Katalin Szegedi

The best and most memorable lessons are taught through stories, and this gorgeous picture book will teach an unforgettable one. The Weight of a Mass is written in a fairy-tale style and enhanced by rich watercolor illustrations. It will appeal equally well to both boys and girls through countless re-readings.

More Rare Catholic Stories and Poems

Book cover: 'More Rare Catholic Stories and Poems'

This second volume of stories is very similar to the first. Volume 2 is a larger book 7" x 8" and geared for slightly older children.

Rare Catholic Stories and Poems

Book cover: 'Rare Catholic Stories and Poems'

Make sure you have a hankie close by when you read these books. These faith inspiring stories surely must have contributed to the steadfastness that Catholic children displayed years ago. The stories in both volumes include main characters that are young and old, male and female thus appealing to everyone. Each story is short enough to be read by an average 4th grader in five to ten minutes. Follow up comprehension questions range from simple recall to more the more thought provoking type that would open the door to many wonderful parent child discussions.

The Little Apostle on Crutches

H.E. Delamare

The Little Apostle on Crutches by H. E. Delamare is the story of young Willie-- almost nine--whose cheerful goodness touches the lives of everyone he meets.

Through his many adventures, he always strives to do what is right, making him an excellent role model for younger children. For example, he faces persecution from another boy who covets his newspaper corner. Yet, he treats the other boy with continual kindness.

Legends of Saints and Beasts

Book cover: 'Legends of Saints and Beasts'
Ann Marie Jauss

What a lovely book! Legends of Saints and Beasts retells the stories of four saints and their associations with animals. Included in this beautiful hardbound collection are the stories of Saint Jerome and the lion, Saint Roch and his dog, Saint Francis and the Wolf, and Saint Macarius and the hyena. The text is written in a decorative style in which capital letters are colored in a pattern reminiscent of medieval texts, and the colorful line-drawn illustrations are charming.

Devotional Stories for Little Folks

Book cover: 'Devotional Stories for Little Folks'
Nancy Nicholson

Nancy Nicholson (author of numerous titles from Catholic Heritage Curricula including the My Catholic Speller and Language of God for Little Folks series) hits another homerun with this new title. Thirty-six stories centering around family life offer humor, entertainment and gentle lessons in morality. The stories are perfect for reading aloud during breakfast or lunch. Each story includes related quotes from the Bible or the Catechism of the Catholic Church, vocabulary words and questions for discussion.

Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls

Book cover: 'Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls'

These charming readers, which are appropriate for a second grade reading level, contain "stories written and compiled in days long past by Catholic nuns in America and dedicated to Mary the Mother of God our dear Lady of the Miraculous Medal." My second grader (who is somewhat advanced in reading level) enjoyed these very much and polished off all four volumes in the first week of school - including one book which she read straight through without putting it down (she requested that I include that detail in the review).


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