Eats, Shoots and Leaves

Lynne Truss
Bonnie Timmons

This is a really nifty little picture book that illustrates the importance of commas through the use of simple sentences with humorous illustrations contrasted with the same sentence (on the opposite side of the page) differently punctuated. The results are entertaining and quite educational.

Here is one example:

On the left-hand page is the sentence: "Slow, children crossing." The cartoon-like picture shows a crossing guard signalling for cars to stop while some school children cross the road.

Latin Proverbs

This nifty, pocket-sized paperback is, quite simply, loaded with Latin proverbs (along with their English translations and whatever information is available about the source). There are over 1,100 proverbs in all and the appendices contain topical and author indices.

A few samples (note: the book does include macrons to indicate long vowel sounds, which are not easy to duplicate here):

Malum vas non frangitur.
The bad vase does not get broken.

The Dot and the Line

Norton Juster

Freedom is not a license for chaos. is my son's signature below his email messages. It was written by Norton Juster, of The Phantom Toolbooth fame, and it comes from our almost-17-year-old's favorite book.

Also see:

The Mental Math Series by Kathy French

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Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies is a free educational web site featuring interactive math lessons. "Our lessons use a problem-solving approach and actively engage students in the learning process. We also offer many other useful resources including Chat Boards, Puzzles, a Math Image Library, Educational Links, Calculators, and much more!"

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The Children's Book of Virtues

Book cover: 'The Children's Book of Virtues'
William Bennett

This lavishly illustrated story-book was inspired by (and includes stories from) the best-selling story collection The Book of Virtues. This has been a favorite book in our family since my oldest was just two. The stories include: The Little Hero of Holland, the Tortoise and the Hare, The King and His Hawk (a cautionary tale about anger involving Genghis Kahn - my daughter liked this story so much that she had it almost memorized at the age of 2 1/2), St. George and the Dragon, St.

The Children's Book of Heroes

Book cover: 'The Children's Book of Heroes'
William Bennett

I like this volume even better than The Children's Book of Virtues. (We checked it out from the library three different times before I finally bought it!) Heroes includes stories of Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, David and Goliath, Father Flanagan and Jackie Robinson. The book is filled with illustrations and stories are generally three to five pages, with a few poems included as well. The biographies are our family's favorites, but there are many other stories including myths and fairy tales which teach some of the same values.

The Children's Book of America

Book cover: 'The Children's Book of America'
William Bennett

Another great collection compiled by William Bennett which includes beautifully illustrated tales and poems such as: Father Junipero Serra, the story of the First Thanksgiving, Paul Bunyan, the Story of the Star Spangled Banner, an Indian legend, and patriotic songs and poems. This is one of the books that my children ask for over and over - probably because of the wonderful illustrations, interesting content and great variety of stories. I especially like the story included about Father Junipero Serra which very nicely portrays the faith and fortitude of this humble priest.

Little House Country, A Photo Guide to the Home Sites of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Book cover: 'Little House Country, A Photo Guide to the Home Sites of Laura Ingalls Wilder'
William T. Anderson
Leslie A. Kelly (photography)

My family and I may never be able to visit the "Little House" country in person, but this photo-filled book makes us feel as if we were there. This is a picture book in the most literal sense of the word! Each of the full-color, professional photographs has a caption of several sentences describing the photograph and some interesting details about the scenes in them.

The Little House Cookbook

Book cover: 'The Little House Cookbook'
Barbara M. Walker

For all those of you whose mouths were watering at all the descriptions of food in the Little House Books (particularly Farmer Boy!), Barbara Walker (inspired by the requests of her own children) has done a great deal of research in compiling lots of recipes (over 100) and other background information on the meals from these books.

Frost on the Windowpane

Christine Coley
Margot Davidson

"Art and Composition Activities for Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder"

This deceptively-simple supplement to Little House in the Big Woods packs a wallop of meaningful content into easy and fun art and writing assignments. Not only will it will help children understand the book better, but it provides full-fledged lessons in art appreciation and composition.

The bulk of this resource consists of "chapter activities" which generally include three segments:


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