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Patriotic Leaders of the Church

Book cover: 'Patriotic Leaders of the Church'
John F. Fink

Although the book is titled Patriotic Leaders of the Church, perhaps another way of saying it would be "Clergy in the Catholic Church who were both Leaders and Patriotic". With the exception of a few priests, the majority of the biographies are of Bishops, Archbishops, or Cardinals. In other words, the main focus of the book is to show that a person can be both Catholic "to the core," patriotic, and even a priest at the same time.

Hope's Revolutionary War Diary

Kristiana Gregory

For young readers, this is an extremely well written account of the American Revolution. Written as a diary of a young girl, the book opens with Hope's family living with her relatives in Valley Forge. This quickly changes, however, when her family moves back to Philadelphia.

The American Revolution for Kids, A History with 21 Activities

Book cover: 'The American Revolution for Kids, A History with 21 Activities'
Janis Herbert

What is history? A story. In The American Revolution for Kids, Janis Herbert has given us a well written, high interest story. Her style of writing is lively and interesting as wells as fair and impartial - giving us a fair and balanced picture of an emotionally turbulent time. This book offers a good overview of the time period (suitable for putting together a unit study on the time period) or interesting reading for its own sake.

The Maccabees, Forgotten Heroes of Israel

Book cover: 'The Maccabees, Forgotten Heroes of Israel'

Based on the 1st and 2nd book of Maccabees of the Douay-Rhiems version of the Bible, The Maccabees, Forgotten Heroes of Israel is an epic tale of faithfulness to God and heroism in the face of unbelievable odds.

Young Faces of Holiness, Modern Saints in Photos and Words

Book cover: 'Young Faces of Holiness, Modern Saints in Photos and Words'
Ann Ball

If you want to go to sleep, don't read Young Faces of Holiness by Ann Ball. The stories are absolutely fascinating. The thirty-five stories include young people from all walks of life and countries of the world who are either Blessed, Venerable, or candidates for canonization.

The Courage of Sarah Noble

Book cover: 'The Courage of Sarah Noble'
Alice Dalgleish

The Courage of Sarah Noble is based on the true story of eight year old Sarah Noble, who accompanies her father into the Connecticut wilderness to cook meals for him as he builds the family's cabin. The story takes place in 1707 and focuses on her courage against the unknown fears of the wilderness.

Angels in Iron

Book cover: 'Angels in Irons'
Nicholas C Prata

Angels in Iron is the absorbing tale of the siege of Malta in 1564 between the Knights of St. John of the Hospital (a military religious order) and Suleiman's forces. Suleiman, the most famous sultan of the Turkish Ottoman Empire (who has at this point significantly expanded his empire) has grand plans to conquer the world - and that includes Malta, the new home of the Knights of St. John of the Hospital. The Grand Master of this order witnessed their surrender at Rhodes (their former home) when he was a young knight. Now he is determined to hold on to Malta to the bitter end.

Grisly Grisell

Charlotte M. Yonge

Grisly Grisell begins with a bang, in fact, an explosion. Unfortunately, the result is more than a loud noise. Set in medieval England, during the War of the Roses (the reigns of Kings Henry V and Henry VI), the children of the castle are curiously investigating a keg when, to their horror, they discover that it contains gunpowder. The devastating result is a seriously wounded little girl, who is brutally scarred for life. How she, as well as others, deals with this devastating disfigurement affects much of the rest of the story.

The Little Apostle on Crutches

H.E. Delamare

The Little Apostle on Crutches by H. E. Delamare is the story of young Willie-- almost nine--whose cheerful goodness touches the lives of everyone he meets.

Through his many adventures, he always strives to do what is right, making him an excellent role model for younger children. For example, he faces persecution from another boy who covets his newspaper corner. Yet, he treats the other boy with continual kindness.


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