Elizabeth Yank

Akimbo and the Lions

Alexander McCall Smith
LeUyem Pham

Akimbo is a young African boy whose father is a head ranger of a game park. When his father announces that he is going to one of the farms in the south because of reports of a lion attacking cattle, Akimbo convinces his father to let him tag along with the promise that he will be good and help.

Jamberoo Road

Eleanor Spence

From the opening pages, there is an air of mystery and suspense. Who is this stranger riding on a horse and what does he want? Jamberoo Road is a story set in 1830 on the Australian coast of a group of ten orphans and Misabella, a hard-working woman of indomitable spirit, and for many of them, the only mother they have known.

The Lemon Sisters

Andrea Cheng
Tatiana Mai-Wyss

In this heartwarming story, an elderly lady awakens on a cold, sunny, winter day to see three young girls playing happily outside in the snow. This reminds her of her younger sisters and herself playing in the snow many years before. She shares some lemons and sugar with the girls to make lemon ice and later that day she receives several birthday surprises. Reaching across the ages, this is a wonderful story of sharing and childlike joy.

Fishers of Men

Do you have a son who is open to the vocation of the priesthood? He doesn’t have to be college age to become totally absorbed in this outstanding documentary-drama Fishers of Men. In fact, just about all ages from our homeschool group, with the exception of toddlers and preschoolers, previewed this film.

Michael’s Golden Rules

Deloris Jordan
Roslyn M. Jordan
Kadir Nelson

Summer is here and it is baseball season. What better way to get in the mood than by reading an uplifting story about the real winning spirit of baseball, or for that matter, any team sport.

Michael’s Golden Rules written by Deloris Jordan and Roslyn M. Jordan, the mother and sister of Michael Jordan, is a story about developing a winning attitude, hard work, and playing “a good game.”

After Jonathan strikes out, he is taken aback when his best friend’s Uncle Jack says they played “a good game.”

“How could we have played a good game when we lost?” he wants to know.

John Treegate's Musket

Leonard Wibberley

The year is 1769, not even ten years after the French and Indian War, when colonial militia joined the British regulars in defeating the French. John Treegate proudly served in the militia then. As a symbol of his fierce loyalty to England and in remembrance of those days gone by, he proudly displays his musket over his mantle.

North and South

Elizabeth Gaskell

Although North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell is a novel that deals with a complexity of social issues related to the industrialization of Victorian England, it is the development of Margaret and Mr. Thornton’s relationship that carries the day. At nineteen, Margaret Hale is forced to deal with a series of dramatic changes that effect her life, eventually transforming her into a young woman who can think and reason for herself regardless of social mores.

Presenting Miss Jane Austen

May Lamberton Becker

Whether you have read any of Jane Austen’s novels or not, Presenting Miss Jane Austen offers a fascinating glimpse into her family’s life. Although none of her family are famous for any extraordinary, worldly accomplishments, they are still far from dull or boring. By reading about her family life, we come to understand the many characters and plots in her novels. Woven throughout the biography are snippets from her novels and correspondence with others, providing insight between actual occurrences and scenes in her novels. While today we might consider the romance between Mr.

The Blood Red Crescent

Henry Garnett

The year is 1570. The Turkish Ottoman Empire has wrested control of the Mediterranean Seas, instilling fear in all who wish to sail there. They have been raiding the coastal towns of Italy, France and Spain, plundering and burning, and kidnapping Christians as slaves. On top of this, the Sultan has been rapidly increasing his fleet of galleys and Corsair pirates have been massacring more and more Christians or kidnapping them as slaves.

Where Valor Lies

Adele and Cateau De Leeuw

For young Richard, life as a poor Parisian apprentice seems rather grim compared to the glamour of going on a crusade with good King Louis IX. After he hears the impassioned words of a friar preaching in a town square, Richard abandons his unhappy apprenticeship and enthusiastically joins up with King Louis’ Crusade. Little does he realize what he is getting himself into. But, before he runs away to join up, he “instinctively” enters the great cathedral of Notre Dame to pray about his future and a problem that is weighing him down.


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