Catholic Authors - 4 Sight Edition

Book cover: 'Catholic Authors - 4 Sight Edition'
Brother George N. Schuster, S.M.
Catholic Authors Press
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32 pages

This book was designed for grades 7 through 9 to give "a vital, illustrated presentation of Catholic literature to help students 'see' and love Christ four ways always: in Himself, in Others, in His Creation, in His Mother." [from the back cover]

The author does this by first explaining how God is visible to us: In Himself (Seeing God: "Love the Lord thy God"), In Others ("Love thy Neighbor"), In Creation ("Consider the Lilies") and In His Mother ("Behold thy Mother"). The book reviews and brief author and illustrator biographies are broken up into these four categories. We are introduced to great authors of the past and present (at least as of 1949!) who have illustrated these concepts to us by use of real characters, action and life situations.The reviews themselves are rather brief - they really amount to short "teasers" - an attempt to interest students in reading these books. There are also a number of brief essays which elaborate on how some of the individual books teach us about God, even if indirectly.
Although Catholic Authors was designed for students, I think it should be required reading for homeschooling parents. Its value is two-fold for us: 1. A source of information about good reading for our children (although many of the books are out of print, others are available new from companies such as Bethlehem Books, TAN and Neumann Press). 2. An education for parents (without a huge amount of reading) in the importance of literature, and especially Catholic literature, in our children's education and spiritual formation.

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