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Used Book Sources

A few words of caution:

First, just because a Catholic bookseller has a used book for sale doesn't mean that it is a highly recommended title.

Second, I have included information on some major secular used book sources because they can be very useful in locating particular books and they often carry a great deal of good Catholic books and other good books. You may come across some really weird stuff (particularly if you just browse instead of searching for specific titles) and for that reason, I generally wouldn't recommend having young children search for books on these sites.

Advanced Book Exchange Abebooks is a large network of used booksellers from all over the world. It is a very convenient place to search for books - especially if you're looking for something that's particularly hard-to-find. There's all kinds of good and bad books available from this network and some of the books are very expensive, but there are some good Catholic and homeschooler booksellers as well. It is also a useful site to research prices when considering purchases on sites such as eBay and [Secular with some Catholic sellers] This website amounts to a search-engine for locating books. You can type in the author and/or title and will search numerous new and used book sources. [Secular] eBay is the internet's largest auction site. Their ratings system virtually ensures that buyers and sellers will be honest and reasonably easy to work with. We have been very pleased with eBay as a place to buy old (especially out of print) Catholic books and other books and even a few Christmas and birthday presents. You really need to keep your wits about you and pay attention to details as not all auctions are good deals and I've seen people bid beyond retail price in their excitement over winning an auction. It's also important to keep a close eye on shipping costs. [Secular with some Catholic sellers] is a bookselling site run by eBay where individuals can sell books to each other at a set price (rather than the auction-style of eBay). It can be a useful place to find reasonably priced books, videos and CDs, particularly items that were published/released in the last 2-10 years and that are still in print elsewhere. It is important to carefully look at the shipping charges, though, as there is a set shipping charge (generally $2.25 - $3.00) for each item. Thus, if you save $3 on a paperback book retailing for $4.50 and pay $3 shipping, you might as well pick it up new at your local bookstore. tends to be better for bigger items (e.g. you might find a $35 hardcover book used for $7 and not mind paying $3 in shipping since you still save about $25). [Secular]

Immaculata Books Lots of books of interest to homeschoolers including Credo, American Background, Landmark and Childhood of Famous Americans. This is a very impressive source with a nice selection and very reasonable prices. They were very pleasant to deal with and quick to respond to my e-mails when I ordered form them. Highly recommended! [Catholic]

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Original Titles of Popular Reprints:
Knowing the original title of a reprinted book should be helpful in picking it up used.

Mary Fabyan Windeatt titles:
These books, very popular with homeschoolers, are currently published by TAN Books. Her titles were originally published by a wide range of publishers and some belong to popular Catholic series. For example, St. Benedict: Hero of the Hills is from the Vision series (and thus has been reprinted by both TAN and Ignatius Press - TAN's is cheaper but Ignatius' has a better binding and cover) and Blessed Marie of New France (originally titled Mere Marie of New France) is from the American Background Books series.

Current Title - Original Title:
St Hyacinth of Poland - Northern Lights: The Story of St Hyacinth...
St Catherine of Siena - Saints in the Sky: The Story of St Catherine of Siena
St Thomas Aquinas - My Name is Thomas: The Story of St Thomas Aquinas
St Martin de Porres - Lad of Lima: The Story of Blessed Martin de Porres
St Rose of Lima - Angel of the Andes: The Story of St Rose of Lima
St John Masias - Warrior in White: The Story of Blessed John Masias
Patron St of First Communicants - Little Sister: The Story of St Imelda
The Little Flower - Little Queen: The Story of St Therese of Lisieux
Blessed Marie of New France - Mere Marie of New France

Also see: Dujarie Press titles

Historical Fiction by Cynthia Harnett:

Current Title - Original Title
The Sign of the Green Falcon - Ring Out, Bow Bells!
The Cargo of the Madalena - The Load of Unicorn
The Merchant's Mark - The Wool-Pack
Titles left unchanged: The Writing on the Hearth, Stars of Fortune and The Great House.

Writings of Louis de Wohl:

Louis de Wohl was a very prolific Catholic author with many historical fiction titles about the Saints and other titles as well. Some of the titles (marked with an *) have been reprinted by Ignatius Press.

*St. Joan: the Girl Soldier (from the Vision Series)
*The Spear
*The Quiet Light: A Novel of St. Thomas Aquinas
*Citadel of God: A Novel of St. Benedict
*Set All Afire: A Novel of St. Francis Xavier
*The Joyful Beggar (St. Francis of Assisi)
Throne of the World
David of Jerusalem
The Last Crusader
The Living Wood
Founded on a Rock: A History of the Catholic Church
*Lay Siege to Heaven: A Novel of St. Catherine of Siena
The Glorious Folly: A Novel of the Time of St. Paul
Pope Pius XII: Shepherd to the World (from the Vision Series)
Attila the Hun
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