A Book of Sanctity

Book cover: 'A Book of Sanctity'
Seton Press
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146 pages
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A Book of Sanctity is a newly printed collection of stories gathered from numerous out-of-print Catholic reading books. These 27 selections center around the theme of sanctity and include Bible stories, stories of the saints, and stories of families. Most pages include a simple black-and-white illustration that enhances the interest of the story without distracting a young reader's attention.

This book is used as a reading text in Seton's 2nd grade program, but is available for sale apart from the curriculum. Interestingly, the typeface at the beginning of the book is somewhat large, becoming gradually smaller as the student progresses through the book. My 3rd-grader read through the book quickly and without challenge, but it would be too difficult for a typical 1st grade student. Randomly selected vocabulary includes Blaise, cloak, gushed, shrine, squirrel, children, sufferings, and loaves. I admit to a fondness for old readers, and this new one deserves a place on the shelf with them!

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