Accent Your Syllables

Book cover: 'Accent Your Syllables'
Cathy Behrens
Cathy Behrens
Stapled Softcover
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30 pages
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This is a 30-page, self-published book with an answer key that fits into a unique category within the language arts curriculum. Accent Your Syllables is a brief worktext that first introduces the rules for syllabication and accents in English, then provides many exercises to practice applying those rules. The rules are printed in a blue ink and are easy to find on the pages. This course would be best suited for a student who is reading fluently, as the words are generally multi-syllable. Choosing words at random from the exercises provides this list: displease, exported, scripture, soapstone, Mediterranean, bacteria, and sedimentary. I plan to use this course over the period of a few weeks, rather than using it once a week throughout a school year. This course promises to be an excellent preparation for a student beginning the formal study of a foreign language as well as a course in a specific part of the study of English.

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Available from the author at 300 Marsh Street, Sedan, MN 56334

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