My Catholic Speller (Level F)

Book cover: 'My Catholic Speller (Level F)'
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My Catholic Speller
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This text, designed for the 6th-7th grade student, contains lessons for 34 weeks, including 4 quarterly review weeks, an answer key, and teaching instructions. The list words for the first 6 weeks review the various vowel and vowel phonogram sounds in new word lists, and the next 16 weeks focus on prefixes, suffixes, and some spelling trouble spots. The final word lists are devoted to derivatives of Latin and Greek roots, and one lesson on foreign words used in English. The word list for Week 1 is as follows: scrap, scrape, inflate, Africa, betray, clasp, agony, stable, traitor, blaze migrate, obtain, habitat, dedicate, restrain, manna, avid, vast, elevate, and disdain. The word list for Week 34 (the final review) is: mortal, petite, sympathetic, mosquito, vacant, volcano, infinity, suspect, apathy, graduate, dictator, mortify, insect, genetics, provision, invalid, congratulate, valor, multiple, and assist.

The winning apologetics feature of this series is continued in this level. The focus of the quotations from the Early Church Fathers is on Mary and her role in salvation history. Each week the quotation is used for copywork or memory work, or both, and usually contains at least one of the list words. The text includes teaching notes and explanations for each quotation in the back of the book. If you have done as the author suggests and kept an index card file labeled with a topic and the quotation, you will a wonderful apologetics library by the time that you complete the spelling series! Apologetics lessons are a feature of levels B-F.

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