Wordly Wise


Wordly Wise is a terrific spelling program - inexpensive and readily available from most homeschool companies. It was originally written in 1967, but has lived through many revisions. Each lesson is divided into four sections, with the fifth day being a test. Fits perfect into any homeschooler's weekly schedule!

One disadvantage is the book cover. Because the cover is soft, it is best to cover it with plastic to extend the life of the book. I have not yet felt the need of a teacher's key. My daughter is at the grade eight level, and I know that I may soon change my mind about the teacher's key.

The big difference in Wordly Wise is the calibre of the word lists. I have found that the lists are advanced, but not unattainable. Another bonus is the information given at the end of each lesson - spelling hints, pronunciation help, and word origins. I find that there is an emphasis on word origins, as well as on derivatives. All in all, it's a spelling program that I'd highly recommend. It is also recommended by Laura Berquist in Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum.

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