The Quiet Light

Book cover: 'The Quiet Light: A novel of St. Thomas Aquinas'
Louis de Wohl

Disclaimer: best suited for high schoolers due to an incident where Thomas Aquinas is tempted by his brothers when they bring a prostitute to his room one night. Also, there are a few quick references to 'wenches' .

The dust jacket reads that the "theme of this novel was suggested to Louis de Wohl, in a private audience, by His Holiness, Pope Pius XII in 1948". The Quiet Light was printed two years later.

Joan of Arc

Josephine Poole

This is a beautiful picture book, telling the story of Joan of Arc, from her childhood days to martrydom. The pictures are brilliant, captivating, and evocative. It is an oversized children's book, with the pictures covering two-thirds of the pages, and the text in the remainder. The story is told quite simply, with Joan given positive treatment. The author portrays Joan as a gentle, and yet courageous, religious young woman. Joan of Arc would be suitable for children five years of age, and up. I would highly recommend this book for any family studying the Middle Ages..

Saints for Young Readers for Every Day

Book cover: 'Saints for Young Readers for Every Day'

Rather than take a morning vitamin, our family reads Saints for Young Readers for Every Day every morning! It is a two volume set, with a saint story for every day (sometimes two). The first volume contains saints for January to June, the second volume covers the rest of the year. This hardcover set is a little expensive, but worth the money. We leave it on the kitchen counter, and do a daily reading with breakfast each day. The stories are well-written, engaging, and always one or two pages in length. There are black and white line drawings that accompany some stories.

Proud Taste For Scarlet and Miniver

E.L. Konigsburg

This story is written fairly informally from the surprising vantage point of a cloud in heaven, where Eleanor of Aquitaine (12th century duchess from Acquitaine, in France) and three friends take turns recounting various events from her life. The novel is filled with historical details, particularly the lifestyle and family tree of the Plantagenet and the Capet families (King Henry II of England, Saint Thomas Becket, King Louis VII of France, King Richard the Lion Heart), and it is all presented in an entertaining manner. It is probably available at your local library.

The Old World and America

Book cover: 'The Old World and America'
Rev. Philip Furlong

The Old World and America is a superb history book that is decidely homeschool-friendly! The book begins briefly with a mention of Genesis, which is unusual in a history text. It is a thorough guide to the history of the world, from the time of primitive man to the mid-1500's. The approach is decidedly Catholic, and reference to Catholic saints are scattered throughout.

The King's Daughter

Suzanne Martel

This engaging novel is centered around a young orphan from France, who is married off to a Canadian coureur de bois. The heroine, Jeanne Chatel, is spunky and determined to succeed in the wilds of 17th century Canada. There is considerable Catholic content in the novel. Jeanne is an orphan, and is raised by Catholic nuns in France. She travels to America with Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys, who went on to found schools and chapels, and started the Congregation of Notre Dame in Montreal, Quebec.

Wordly Wise

Wordly Wise is a terrific spelling program - inexpensive and readily available from most homeschool companies. It was originally written in 1967, but has lived through many revisions. Each lesson is divided into four sections, with the fifth day being a test. Fits perfect into any homeschooler's weekly schedule!


K.M. has five children (13, 11, 9, 6, 3), and has been homeschooling all along. "Increasingly, I am moving towards a 'classic' approach to Catholic homeschooling."
(as of ~2000)

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