God's Little Angels

Book cover: 'God's Little Angels'
Mary T. Waggaman
Catholic Heritage Curricula
Stapled Softcover
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103 pages

This lovely story is reprint of the 1905 book The Transplanting of Tessie. Little Tessie spent six years at a convent boarding school before becoming ill. She finds herself at her uncle's country estate where she recovers and, through many adventures, brings her relatives to the Catholic faith. All of our children enjoyed this touching story. The author writes vividly and with just enough suspense to keep the reader wanting more. Each chapter is followed by a set of comprehension questions (answers at the back of the book) for those who want to use the book as part of their schoolwork. Although I read this story aloud to our children it is also suitable for mature 5th graders and older to read alone. Younger children will enjoy hearing the story and will benefit from having some of the older customs mentioned in the book explained to them. The softcover on this 8 ½" x 11" book is easily torn so owners may want to cover it with clear contact paper before passing it on to their children to read.

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Copyrights 1905/1998

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