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Christian Kids Explore Chemistry


This book, written for fourth-eighth grade, provides an introduction to the different topics in Chemistry. Written from a general Christian perspective, there is nothing in the book that would pose a problem for Catholic readers. While the book appears hefty at 384 pages, the extra wide 3 inch margins, space devoted to clip art and blank pages that run throughout the book result in a light weight approach to chemistry. Each topic is briefly explained in three-five paragraphs (250- 500 words on average) and is followed by a short “Review It” section made up of fill in the blank questions.

Heroes of Virtue

Book cover: 'Heroes of Virtue: A Timeline-manual of New World Saints and Blessed'
Sister Elizabeth Ann

We have enjoyed using this manual in our home for almost a year now and have found that it has added a dimension that was lacking from our homeschool before. The author, a member of the congregation Sisters of Saint Joseph the Worker, has done an outstanding job organizing the saints of the Americas by chronology and geographical area. This manual includes saints from both North and South America. Sister Elizabeth Ann begins her book with reasons for studying these saints along with many ideas for incorporating them into ones ongoing historical or geographical studies.

Catholic World Culture

Book cover: 'Catholic World Culture'

This book is sold as a 7th/8th grade history text, but with the addition of some outline maps and a little imagination it could easily serve as an introduction to world geography.

Our Pioneers and Patriots

Book cover: 'Our Pioneers and Patriots'
Rev. Philip Furlong

Our Pioneers and Patriots begins with a review of Viking exploration and continues through the history of the United States to the time of President Roosevelt and the New Deal. The text is direct and factual, focusing on key people and events. Read straight through, this book would bore most children; however, when read a page or two at a time the presentation style is interesting and easily understood. Fr. Furlong has a unique way of digesting complex information into a few short sentences.

Early Women Martyrs of the Church: Coloring book

Book cover: 'Early Women Martyrs of the Church: Coloring book'
Katie Elizabeth Roll

Portraits of 12 saints--from St. Philomena to St. Lucy--are portrayed in large ready-to-color illustrations alongside a brief description of the martyr. This 8 1/2" x 11" coloring book has a soft cover and staple binding making it easy to lay open for coloring. The saints are depicted with the common symbols telling about their life and death and the descriptions are simple and short enough that they can be enjoyed by a child as young as 5 or 6 years old.

Old Mother West Wind and other stories

Thornton Burgess

You are probably already familiar with the animal stories written by Thornton Burgess in the early 1900s. These go by titles such as "The Adventures of Johnny Chuck" and "Old Mother West Wind" and are sold by Dover Press for only $1. Each book tells about the life and adventures of various animals in such a way that the child easily learns about animal habitat and woodland lessons.

Easy As 1, 2, 3: A Catholic Overview of Science For the Primary Grades

Book cover: 'Easy As 1, 2, 3: A Catholic Overview of Science For the Primary Grades'
Nancy Nicholson

This program provides families who like to use living books with a Catholic framework from which to study science. It is not a textbook but rather is 40 pages, of which approximately half are outlines, that are three hole punched and ready to go into your notebook. The parent that uses this will find the eleven units of science outlined very handy for creating their own program and clearly laid out so that they can tuck personal notes and activities into their notebook using the 40 pages as their point of organizing.

More Rare Catholic Stories and Poems

Book cover: 'More Rare Catholic Stories and Poems'

This second volume of stories is very similar to the first. Volume 2 is a larger book 7" x 8" and geared for slightly older children.

Rare Catholic Stories and Poems

Book cover: 'Rare Catholic Stories and Poems'

Make sure you have a hankie close by when you read these books. These faith inspiring stories surely must have contributed to the steadfastness that Catholic children displayed years ago. The stories in both volumes include main characters that are young and old, male and female thus appealing to everyone. Each story is short enough to be read by an average 4th grader in five to ten minutes. Follow up comprehension questions range from simple recall to more the more thought provoking type that would open the door to many wonderful parent child discussions.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Sean Covey

We sometimes think of teenagers as immature, selfish and lacking in objectivity. Sean Covey believes they can learn to be otherwise. Using humorous story lines and a heavy sprinkling of anecdotes Covey has set forth a series of steps leading teens toward a more mature and compassionate view of life. While this is a secular book, it is written from a Christian perspective and "the Golden Rule" underlies most of the content.


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