Kindergarten Phonics for Young Catholics, Volume 2

Book cover: 'Kindergarten Phonics for Young Catholics'
Seton Educational Media
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182 pages
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This volume begins with Unit three. It reviews the Alphabet sound list. Then it covers the following letters: N (including a N/M discrimination), W, C, R, P, Q, V, X, Y, Z. The lessons are the same setup as in Volume 1 (as explained above for the letter "S").

Unit four introduces the vowels. It begins by reviewing the consonants. Then it introduces Short "A". The lessons are as follows for Short "A". First is: recognizing the short sound of Aa. Then Short Vowel Aa. Then blending consonants with the short sound of Aa. Then Short Vowel Aa. Finally the short Aa sound in sentences. This is repeated for Short E, I, O and U. There are reviews after every two vowel sounds taught.

Unit 5 begins by reviewing consonants and short vowels. Then it teaches the two sounds of "C" and "G". Then it begins the long vowels.

It begins in with A. The lessons go as follows: First recognizing the long sound of Aa. Then discriminating between long and short A. Then blending consents with long A. Then again recognizing sound of the long and short A. Then it goes on to E, I, O, U long vowels. Reviews after *each* vowel.

The next section teaches consonant blends like SM, CR, PL, TR, GL, ST as initial sounds. Then final sound consonant blends like CK, NG, MP, SK, NK, and ST. Then the digraph TH is taught and the difference between T and TH.

The final section of volume two is about Y as a vowel. There are three lessons here involving Y with A, with E, and with I in one or two syllable words. The final two lessons are reading a little story about a puppy and answering questions for comprehension.

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