Francie on the Run

Book cover: 'Francie on the Run'
Hilda Van Stockum

Francie on the Run is the second book in the Bantry Bay trilogy. It was written by Hilda van Stockum in 1939. It's the story of Francie O'Sullivan, who runs away from the hospital in Dublin. The entire book is about his funny adventures as young Francie makes his way home to Bantry Bay. My whole family loved this book because the characters are warm and funny. There are many beautiful pictures drawn by the author herself. It's an excellent book. You'll love it!

Art 1 for Young Catholics

Book cover: 'Art 1 for Young Catholics'

This course follows the liturgical year. It begins with Advent. There are a total of forty-four projects. Each one has an explanation.

Catholic National Readers: New Speller and Word Book

I am honestly not sure how to use this particular book. It does have spelling words and vocabulary. There are also lessons on Latin Roots, dictation, parts of speech (like synonyms) and abbreviations.

Catholic National Readers: Book 6

This one contains stories like "King Solomn and the Bees", "Joan of Arc", and "Paul Revere's Ride" by Longfellow. This book does not seem to contain as many additional lessons like vocabulary.

Catholic National Readers: Book 5

This one contains stories like "The Power of the Blessed Sacrament" and "Rip Van Wynkle". It also contains pronunciation, dictation, vocabulary, and comprehension with the lessons.

Catholic National Readers: Book 4

This one contains stories like "St Agnes" by Cardinal Wiseman and "Pope Leo XIII". Besides dictation, vocabulary, and comprehension, this book contains also contains pronunciation and vocabulary lessons.

Catholic National Readers: Book 3

This one contains stories like "St Elizabeth" and "Our Lady's Flower Society". This book contains dictation exercises with some of the lessons, as well as vocabulary, and comprehension.

Catholic National Readers: Book 2

Some of the stories in this one I have seen in the "Rare Catholic Stories and Poem" book from Catholic Heritage Curricula. They are delightful. Not all of the lessons in this book have the new words listed, but almost all have a language lesson after the story. It is like reading comprehension or teaching parts of speech.

American Cardinal Readers: Book 8

Sixty-one stories including "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens, "At High Mass" By Msgr. Benson, "The Names of Our Lady", "The Sign of the Cross" by John Henry Cardinal Newman, and "The New School" by Joyce Kilmer. Includes study suggestions for each story. A few black and white pictures. Includes a glossary and home reading list.

American Cardinal Readers: Book 7

Forty-four stories include: "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", "The High Tide at Gettysburg", "The Martyr of Molokai", "Holy Ireland", and "Malchus the Monk". Includes study suggestions for each story. A few black and white pictures. Includes a glossary and a home reading list.


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