Correct Writing

Book cover: 'Correct Writing'
S.J. Kammer et al.
Lepanto Press
Sewn Hardcover
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525 pages
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This 525 page hardcover is Book 1 in the once popular Catholic high school series "A Course For Secondary Schools." Fortunately, for those who want to continue educating their children along the lines of Voyages in English series, Lepanto press has reprinted this 1952 gem.

Correct Writing is a detailed treatment of grammar using anecdotes, occasional book excerpts and other narratives. Rather then study grammar using isolated sentences, users of this book are exposed to longer narratives that are of interest to teenagers. These narratives are often humorous and more often then not contain Catholic content. Studying grammar within a larger framework allows the older student to learn correct grammar and writing easily and almost painlessly.

Topics covered include sentence structure, subject, predicate, nouns, verbs, appositives, moods, prepositional phrases, gerunds, participles, infinitives, adjectives, adverbs, and ruls for capitalization and punctuation. Each part of speech is clearly introduced (often accompanied by an anecdote that shows good humor) along with isolated examples and occasional cartoons. Several exercises are provided including both oral and written drills to reinforce the concept learned. This book includes traditional diagramming and exercises that have the student rewrite sentences or complete narratives correcting mistakes in punctuation or grammar. Separate proof-reading programs such as Editor in Chief are unnecessary when using this book. Creative writing assignments are also built into each chapter requiring the student to apply the concepts that they have learned in the text.

This textbook could be used in 8th grade or as soon as a child has completed Voyages 7 or other comparable program. The writing style and content of the exercises is best suited for age 13 years and up. Our 14 year old son enjoyed using this program and looked forward to doing it each day.

The answer key is highly recommended since some of the later exercises are challenging.

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Note from the webmaster: I used this text in my homeschool-high school days and both enjoyed and benefited from it very much.

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