The Saving Name of God the Son

Jean Ann Sharpe
Bethlehem Books
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22 pages
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Bethlehem Books has just released the first in a set of three new board books on the Blessed Trinity. This first one is about God the Son and it's gorgeous! Each page has a lovely painting by early Renaissance artist Fra Angelico, illustrating a scene from the Life of Christ. The paintings are accompanied by short, rich text that speaks of who Jesus is. It's a very quick read, just a few lines per page, but thoughtfully put together and one that can be reflected on over and over again.

The series description has some interesting things to say about the intentions of the publisher for this series:

The Teaching the Language of the Faith Series presents read-aloud books that foster reflective interaction between the child listener and the adult reader. Thoughtful religious art is chosen to interrelate with words pertinent to faith understanding. Each aspect extends the meaning of the other. As children gain a familiarity with words and images relevant to Christian truth, they are prepared to enter more fully and more personally into the beauty and mystery of the Christian faith.

An "Art and Text References" segment in back includes references to the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church for each painting. These would be great for further discussion and family study.

Kudos to Bethlehem Books for recognizing the great capacity of very young children for beauty and mystery!

Note: Bethlehem Books has a free PDF page of suggestions for how to use this book with your child.

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