You Can Share the Faith

Karen Edmisten

I highly recommend this terrific little book for everyone who wishes to share their faith with others – especially with their family and friends. Karen is an atheist-turned-Catholic (and Catholic homeschool mom, and contributor to this website) who shares in this book many common aspects of the conversion journey through her own experiences and those of a number of her friends.

The Secret of the Shamrock

Book cover: 'The Secret of the Shamrock'
Lisa Hendey
Jenn Bower

As my years of homeschooling younger children come to a close, one of the things I enjoy is to teach religious education at the parish. I love telling the kids about the Saints. I just do not think the students hear stories being told or read to them at school these days.

Deathbed Conversions

Book Cover
Karen Edmisten

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of stories about famous (and at times infamous) people who converted to Catholicism after many years of wrestling with God. The author handles their often tough life stories with gentleness and understanding, and with special attention to God's grace working through friends and family members who stuck with these individuals in good times and in bad.

The Saving Name of God the Son

Jean Ann Sharpe

Bethlehem Books has just released the first in a set of three new board books on the Blessed Trinity. This first one is about God the Son and it's gorgeous! Each page has a lovely painting by early Renaissance artist Fra Angelico, illustrating a scene from the Life of Christ. The paintings are accompanied by short, rich text that speaks of who Jesus is. It's a very quick read, just a few lines per page, but thoughtfully put together and one that can be reflected on over and over again.


Lori Ann Watson
Shennen Bersani

This is a lovely picture book about, naturally, beginnings. The simple but descriptive storyline, along with vibrant illustrations, take you through signs of new things - like a tomato plant, a tree and a thunderstorm. These capture the beauty of different aspects of God's creation, but only show the simple ways that we see what's coming next.

My Mass Kit

This is a sweet Mass Kit designed for little fingers (ideal for toddlers and preschoolers). It's made of fabric with cleverly weighted bases and includes a chalice, paten (with a hidden pouch that holds little foam "hosts"), cruets, "candles", a censer, crucifix and two cloths (corporal and purificator) all packaged rather nicely in a zip-up case (with a long carrying strap) that doubles as an altar.

Questions and Answers

Pope Benedict XVI

The cover of the book says it all. Fully attentive to the children before him, he is ready to assist them in the best way possible through his prayers, and in this case, his answers to their questions about life and faith. The person is Pope Benedict XVI and the book is Questions and Answers.

Adventures of Saint Paul

Oldrich Selucky
Marianne Lorraine Trouve, FSP
Zdenka Krejcova

In this house, all I have to do is leave out a book with a bright, colorful, intriguing cover like Adventures of Saint Paul and someone will ask, "Hey, Mom, can I read this book?"

For the emerging reader, who has a few words under his or her belt, Adventures of Saint Paul relates the fascinating story of St. Paul on a simple level without the dumbed down language of the early reader.

Priestblock 25487

Jean Bernard
Deborah Lucas Schneider

Spellbinding! From its opening pages, I was absolutely riveted to Fr. Bernard’s incredible story of faith and courage. Already familiar with that hell on earth, I was hesitant to read Priestblock 25487, A Memoir of Dachau.

I took the plunge and was richly rewarded. It was one of the most inspiring stories I have ever read. With deep humility and simple piety, Fr. Bernard’s tells his horrific story of living (if you can call it that) in Dachau from May 19, 1941 to August 5, 1942.

The Rosary is Alive

Vincent J. Baratta, M.D., AAFP

The premise of this simple volume revolves around the Rosary and only around the Rosary. Designed to be used during prayer, it provides for a very directed praying experience. Introductory pages explain how to use the book and how to pray the Rosary, and final pages offer references and extras such the story of the Rosary. Each double page displays one mystery, with written reflections and five illustrations. I found it interesting to find a clever mirror image sketch of Swiss painter Antonio Ciseri's famous Ecce Homo painting among the Sorrowful mysteries!


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