My Mass Kit

Wee Believers
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This is a sweet Mass Kit designed for little fingers (ideal for toddlers and preschoolers). It's made of fabric with cleverly weighted bases and includes a chalice, paten (with a hidden pouch that holds little foam "hosts"), cruets, "candles", a censer, crucifix and two cloths (corporal and purificator) all packaged rather nicely in a zip-up case (with a long carrying strap) that doubles as an altar.

While it's not as beautiful as the Montessori-style Mass kits available from Our Father's House (which look like miniature versions of the real thing) this kit has the advantages of being quiet and unbreakable; it would probably be nice for young children to hold during daily Mass, where there tends to be plenty of space to spread things out and compare them with what the priest is doing.

I brought this around to some homeschool activities our family was involved with over the past few months, to see how different families and children liked it. It was a big hit and I noticed that two to four year olds were especially drawn to it.

The sturdy little booklet that comes with the set is helpful, reverent and interesting. It teaches children the real names for each item and speaks lovingly of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

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