Take it to the Queen

A Tale of Hope
Josephine Nobisso
Katalin Szegedi
940 112 191
Gingerbread House Books
Sewn Hardcover
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32 pages
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The long awaited companion to The Weight of a Mass (Nobisso, Gingerbread House Books) is finally available. In her new story Take it to the Queen, a Tale of Hope, Josephine Nobisso tells a fable that draws upon the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her material and mystical participation in our salvation. The villagers of a once favored city rebel against the goodness of the King, bringing famine and desolation. Eventually they seek the intervention of their queen, who was once of their village. It’s allegorical on several levels, and according to the author’s notes, the allegory “spans three salvific eras: Old Testament, God the Father, Creation; New Testament, God the Son, Redemption; and Coming Era of Peace, God the Holy Spirit, Sanctification.”

In her story, Mrs. Nobisso has created a thoughtful excursion through the role of Mary in time and eternity, and yet the story is engaging and uplifting even if you don’t consider the allegory.

The lush illustrations by Katalin Szegedi continue and deepen the allegory. In one picture the queen is standing in a doorway handing bread to a little girl. It looks like there is a halo behind her head, just as the saints and Mary are painted with halos. But if you look more carefully, you see that it’s part of the background; there is a series of round windows in her house, and the queen happens to be standing in front of one that makes her look like she has a halo.

The inside flaps of the book cover contain explanations of the allegories and what is included in the paintings, but it’s much more fun to look, and ponder, and try to discover them yourself.

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