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Show, Don't Tell!

Josephine Nobisso
Eva Montanari

Show Don’t Tell! Secrets of Writing by Josephine Nobisso

About 25 years ago, I attended a workshop for teaching writing in which the presenter talked about writing that "shows" as opposed to writing that merely "tells." As she described her method, I thought it was astounding and could quite possibly revolutionize the writing of my students. When I tried to teach it to middle school students, though, I had to break it down into components: What exactly is “showing” writing? How I wish I had had Nobisso’s book at that time. She breaks it down and makes it highly entertaining.

Take it to the Queen

Josephine Nobisso
Katalin Szegedi

The long awaited companion to The Weight of a Mass (Nobisso, Gingerbread House Books) is finally available. In her new story Take it to the Queen, a Tale of Hope, Josephine Nobisso tells a fable that draws upon the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her material and mystical participation in our salvation. The villagers of a once favored city rebel against the goodness of the King, bringing famine and desolation. Eventually they seek the intervention of their queen, who was once of their village.


Evelyn Waugh

I usually make it a point not to read an introduction to a book; I never want to be prejudiced by someone else’s take on a story. But since this would be the fourth time I would read Helena by Evelyn Waugh, I decided to read the introduction by George Weigel in Loyola Press’ reprint of this classic. And I am so glad I did.

The Year and Our Children

Mary Reed Newland

Originally published in the 1950s, The Year and Our Children has been the gold standard by which all other liturgical year activity books are measured. And now, Sophia Institute Press has brought this beloved gem back into print. Those of us with old dog-eared and grease stained copies, and all those who coveted those well-worn editions, thrill at the news of widespread availability of this treasure. I think I was trembling on the phone when I ordered my new copy.

Come to Jesus! A Kid’s Book for Eucharistic Adoration

Anne Flanagan, FSP

Cultivating a devotion to the Blessed Sacrament through Eucharistic Adoration is an excellent way to keep children Catholic. Those who love Jesus in the Sacrament are less likely to leave Him and will have a lifelong joy in His presence. But, from my own experience taking my children to Adoration, it does take planning and preparation. What is a young child to think, say, and do while sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament for a whole hour? This book gives some practical suggestions in the form of planned outlines for three different Adoration hours.

The Story of Pope Benedict XVI for Young People

Book cover: 'The Story of Pope Benedict XVI for Young People'
Claire Jordan Mohan

This is a compact, readable story of the life of Pope Benedict. It focuses mainly on his young life and early manhood and moves quickly through his 24 years as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The most interesting parts are the descriptions of Pope Benedict’s life as young Joseph Ratzinger, a youth in Germany during Hitler’s reign. It’s obvious God had special plans for Joseph as he and his family were spared the more rigorous persecution others endured.


Paolo A. Belzoni

I have to admit that I had high expectations for this book! I had been looking for something for this time period for more than a year. And, thankfully, my expectations were well met . . . this is a great new resource for those of you “reading your way through history.”

Belisarius was a general under Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. He was renowned as a virtuous and courageous leader who accomplished great victories despite unsupportive and even imprudent superiors. Without him, Justinian’s reign could not have been as long-loved and illustrious.

Tea and Cake with the Saints

Alice Cantrell

Catholic Heritage Curricula has done it again, delivering a beautiful resource that uplifts and instructs in their “gentle but thorough” tradition. This exquisitely designed and illustrated book is a perfect introduction to hospitality for girls aged 8-12 years old.

Growing in the Virtues of Jesus

Book cover: 'Growing in the Virtues of Jesus'
Quentin Hakenewerth, S.M.

When picking up this book, my first question, since I had never heard of it, was: what is the Marianist Method of Virtues? A footnote in the introduction answered this question. It is inspired by the teaching of Marianist founder, Father William Joseph Chaminade and is proposed not to be an imitation of Christ’s virtues so much as a union with Him through the virtues. The participant works in collaboration with the Holy Spirit and Mary to follow a three-fold plan of growing in virtue: preparation, purification and consummation.

Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany in the Domestic Church

Book cover: 'Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany in the Domestic Church'
Catherine and Peter Fournier

This book is an outgrowth of the authors' longstanding website and is a great companion to the seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. It is divided into four parts: Family Activities, Saints of the Season, Crafts, and Coloring Pages. The purpose is to provide families with activity ideas that foster a spiritual climate in those seasons.


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