Guns for General Washington. A Story of the American Revolution

Seymour Reit
Gulliver Books; Harcourt, Inc.
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The future looks dim for the Continental army. With scare firewood, little needed supplies of food, blankets and muskets, meager shelter, and disorganized soldiers deserting, the prospects of winning the war, let alone recapturing Boston look doubtful.

To compound the problem, their munitions supply is dwindling fast and they have no heavy artillery to defend themselves or create an offensive attack.

Aboard the HMS Somerset General Howe, the commander of the British army, is anxiously awaiting reinforcements.

But Col. Henry Knox is not one to sit idle and wait. He comes up with a clever plan to bring 183 cannons from Fort Ticonderoga back to Boston. This is no small task and even though everyone else believes it will end in failure Gen. Washington gives his approval of the daring plan.

Fighting against insurmountable odds, sheer cliffs, blinding snowstorms, melting rivers, and more, Col. Knox, along with his younger brother and a brave band of men, seek to defy all odds and using ingenuity, cooperation and perseverance hope to bring the cannons to Boston before the British reinforcements arrive.

Will they make it? Even more important, will they make it before the British crush the meager Continental army?

Not just another historical fiction book about the American Revolution. This book is based on real people and actual events. Following the events with great accuracy, Guns for General Washington offers a gripping account of the incredible dangers they must fact and their ingenuity in overcoming them. This story is a testament to the many virtues of the human spirit.

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