American Revolution Era

Books related to events or life during the American Revolution Era.

Paul Revere's Ride

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Charlies Santore

Longfellow’s famous poem, Paul Revere’s Ride, is beautifully illustrated in this picture book by Charles Santore. Every page captures both the historical setting and the patriotic significance of a pivotal event in the American Revolution.

Illustrations are dark-toned and shadowy, just right for the middle-of-the-night setting. The suspense builds with extreme close-ups that spill over the edges, and bird’s-eye views sweeping over the nighttime landscape.

The Sally Series

Elizabeth Coatsworth
Helen Sewell

The Sally Books by Elizabeth Coatsworth
Away Goes Sally (pgs 117), Five Bushel Farm (pgs 142), The Fair American (pgs 134), The White Horse (pgs 168), The Wonderful Day (pgs 139)

Peter Treegate's War

Leonard Wibberley
Michael Jaroszko
Benjamin Hatke
Roseanne Sharpe

Will he survive? Although the day started pleasant enough, larks singing and the grass turning a pale gold, the redcoats were forming below, forming a formidable line to overtake their small band of New England militia in the battle of Breed’s Hill.

The Treegate saga continues with Peter Treegate’s War. In this second book, the story opens with the battle of Breed’s Hill about to commence, better known as the battle of Bunker Hill.

True to the Old Flag

G.A. Henty

What would you say to a historical novel filled with action and adventure? What would you say to a book written with boys in mind by an author famous for his morally strong and upright heroes? What would you say to a book that gives the “other side” of the story?

Well, I would say – “sounds wonderful; bring it on!”

Guns for General Washington. A Story of the American Revolution

Seymour Reit

The future looks dim for the Continental army. With scare firewood, little needed supplies of food, blankets and muskets, meager shelter, and disorganized soldiers deserting, the prospects of winning the war, let alone recapturing Boston look doubtful.

To compound the problem, their munitions supply is dwindling fast and they have no heavy artillery to defend themselves or create an offensive attack.

Aboard the HMS Somerset General Howe, the commander of the British army, is anxiously awaiting reinforcements.

John Treegate's Musket

Leonard Wibberley

The year is 1769, not even ten years after the French and Indian War, when colonial militia joined the British regulars in defeating the French. John Treegate proudly served in the militia then. As a symbol of his fierce loyalty to England and in remembrance of those days gone by, he proudly displays his musket over his mantle.

The Reb and the Redcoats

Book cover: 'The Reb and the Redcoats'
Constance Savery

One of the many books my wife discovered. After she read it aloud to the kids they wanted me to read it to them AGAIN at their nightly story time before bed. Though this novel is written for children I stayed up late to finish it myself after one such session! It takes place in England during the American Revolutionary War. The main character of the book is a captured American 'Rebel'. He is befriended by the children of the country house where he is held prisoner.

Whigs and Tories

Elizabeth Yank

This is an extensive reading list, from a Catholic perspective, on materials relating to or taking place at the same time as the American Revolution. The extensive introduction gives tips and ideas for studying the revolution, choosing books, and how to proceed. The list is broken up into the following categories: Grades K-3 Series, Grades K-3 Individual Titles, Grades 3-6 Series, Grades 3-6, Individual Titles, Grades 5-Up Series, Grades 5-Up Individual Titles, Grades 7-Up Series, Grades 7-Up Individual Titles and Grades 10-Up Individual Titles.

The Swamp Fox of the Revolution

Stewart Holbrook

Back in print! This interesting and entertaining story is a biography of Revolutionary War General Francis Marion and his significant but oft-forgotten role in winning our independence. Marion is a very interesting character I should have learned about in my history classes in grade school! He fought the British against what seemed like impossible odds (in the Southern Colonies) and ended up playing a very significant role in winning the British surrender. His courage and mercy (he allows his prisoners go free if they promise not to rejoin the other side) are admirable.


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