G.K. Chesterton's The Blue Cross, Study Edition

Book cover: 'G.K. Chesterton's The Blue Cross, Study Edition'
Nancy Carpentier Brown
Hillside Education
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95 pages
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First, let me say that I'm a "study guide, unit study" kind of homeschooling mom. I love it when someone else has found all the links and critical vocabulary words within a book or subject to be studied. I do however almost always "tweak" the study guide to ensure that my kids are getting everything they can from the resource.

With this study guide I don't have to tweak much. Mrs. Brown has given her reader everything they need for a study of the short story "The Blue Cross" - even the story - in this 90-page study guide.

The study guide includes biographical information about Chesterton - a British Catholic convert well-known for his wit and deep, symbolic writings. Mrs. Brown is somewhat of a Chesterton scholar, so her write-up is not only accurate, it's extensive. She includes references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church to ensure the student understands the Church's teachings on reason; teachings that always play a big part in Chesterton's writings.

Mrs. Brown includes a suggested schedule which takes about 10 days to complete - you of course could make the study of this exceptional short story either longer or shorter. There are essay topics and short-answer questions to help the student delve into the meaning of the story. There are vocabulary words, literary terms (for example, alliterations and similes), understanding through contextual reading, and other activities to enliven the reader's experience of this first of the Father Brown stories. An answer key is included at the end of the study guide.

The study guide itself is a useful size - a 6"x 8" spiral bound volume with a great silhouetted graphic on the laminated cover. This study guide just begs to be opened and used -- always a bonus when spending money from usually quite limited homeschool budgets.

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