Enemy Brothers Audio Drama

Book cover: 'Enemy Brothers Audio Drama'
Constance Savery
Bethlehem Books
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Kidnapped as a baby, Tony, now age 12, was raised as a German. In fact, as he grew up with an entirely different identity as "Max", he never had any reason to believe that he was anything but German. Suddenly, through a strange twist of fate, he is returned to his rightful home in England and his true identity, but on the "wrong" side of the war.

Under any circumstances the transition would be traumatic, but now, with the outbreak of World War II, he is thrown into total disarray. Refusing to believe that he is English, Tony makes several attempts to escape from his new home. Then unexpectedly, he is given the chance to return "home" to his "mother" and to Germany, to be "Max" once again. Will he leave England, a country he was taught to hate in the Hitler youth, and his true family, whose values are so different? The consistent, loving patience of his siblings in the midst of his atrocious behavior is a beautiful and essential part of the story that dramatically shows Gospel-like attitudes to be the right answer.

Enemy Brothers exemplifies the eternal struggle within us. It is a story of the battle between good over evil, love versus hatred, kindness and goodness against anger and mistrust, sacrifice and the bearing of another's faults instead of revenge, and ultimately hope in the goodness of human heart. Will love triumph in the end?

In addition to the great story of conflict and suspense, this radio drama offers interesting sound effects and bits of historical recordings; all creating the feel that you are there. The well-done script smoothly interweaves narrator, music, sound effects and superb voices. This is a first rate production!

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2 CDs, 90 minutes

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