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A Storyteller's Version of Shakespeare for Kids

Shakespeare as told by Jim Weiss

I love Melissa Wiley's quote on Jim Weiss' website: "Suddenly I understand. My four-year-old is narrating Shakespeare...Thank you, Jim Weiss!" (

My teenagers have fond memories of doing just that-- listening and quoting Shakespeare in early elementary school. I asked my 16 year old before I wrote this review and his opinion was that this CD offers the usual Jim Weiss traits: high quality adaptations, great storytelling voice, well done character voices.

Greathall Audio Productions

Jim Weiss

Listening to good quality and content audio recording has been a mainstay for our family: they complement reading alone and reading aloud quite well. We have crossed the country listening to great renditions of Fr. Brown, Jeeves and Wooster, and Huckleberry Finn among many others. My husband commutes at least four times a week to the University 55 minutes away and has been become quite a critic of audio productions.

A Little History of the World

Book cover: 'A Little History of the World'
E.H. Gombrich

This is the kind of book that is written for children and yet any adult will enjoy it immensely. We listened to it during a summer trip, and all of our children, from 6 to 20 years old, were enthralled. Reader Ralph Coshan won an audio award for the reading of the book and we have truly grown to love the sound of his voice.

Focus On The Family Radio Theater - The Chronicles of Narnia (additional review)

Book cover: 'Focus On The Family Radio Theater - The Chronicles of Narnia (additional review)'
C.S. Lewis

Our family has been enjoying the first three audio books in this series very much. At this time, most of the stories have been produced in this audio format. The Silver Chair will be made available this spring (2002) leaving only the Last Battle to be produced. The narrator, Paul Scoffield (A Man for All Seasons [1966] and Hamlet [1991]) is just excellent. While the stories are somewhat abridged, they are remarkably complete for an audio drama.

Focus On The Family Radio Theater - The Chronicles of Narnia

Book cover: 'Focus On The Family Radio Theater - The Chronicles of Narnia'
C.S. Lewis

Focus on the Family has produced an audio version of all of the Narnia books ( Available on CD or audio cassette). The stories are elegantly introduced by Douglas Grisham, stepson of C.S. Lewis. Mr. Grisham draws listeners into the story by recounting his personal experiences with C.S. Lewis ("or 'Jack' as he liked to be called"). Thus far, three books have been reproduced- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Magician's Nephew, and The Horse and His Boy.

Enemy Brothers Audio Drama

Book cover: 'Enemy Brothers Audio Drama'
Constance Savery

Kidnapped as a baby, Tony, now age 12, was raised as a German. In fact, as he grew up with an entirely different identity as "Max", he never had any reason to believe that he was anything but German. Suddenly, through a strange twist of fate, he is returned to his rightful home in England and his true identity, but on the "wrong" side of the war.

Once Upon a Time Saints (audio book)

Book cover: 'Once Upon a Time Saints (audio book)'
Ethel Pochocki

Once Upon a Time Saints is a collection of stories about the lives of the saints written as stories and not biographies to capture the attention of young children, from preschool through the early grades. Intertwined in the stories are mixtures of legend, fact, and humor, embellishing on the human qualities of the saints and presenting them as not mere statues, but real people. Reading with expression and drama, the narrator brings these stories to life, allowing us to listen to the book as it should be read, out loud.

Lyrical Life Science

Book cover: 'Lyrical Life Science'
Doug and Dorry Eldon
Eric Altendorf

"A Singing Science Text for Understanding the Concepts of Life Science Using Traditional, Patriotic and Camp Tunes of Long Ago"

This clever learning set teaches basic concepts in Life Science through cleverly written songs (to tunes like Battle Hymn of the Republic and Dixie). There are eleven songs in all, with a chapter in the text and three pages in the workbook corresponding to each song. These are the song titles:


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