A Litany of Saints

Book cover: 'A Litany of Saints'
Ann Ball
Our Sunday Visitor
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224 pages
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When I see Ann Ball's name on a book, I expect a treat. This book is no exception. A Litany of Saints begins with an introduction to the Communion of Saints and Catholic practices regarding their veneration. This section is clear and easy-to-read, including the changes instituted as a result of the Second Vatican Council. The footnotes provide many sources for additional reading. Next comes a history of litanies in general and the text of the formal "Litany of the Saints". Following this is the bulk of the book: a fascinating, documented collection of information about 26 well-known saints as well as shorter summaries of 17 more saints. This book contains prayers, photographs, legends, and the stories of these saints. It is written in a titled-paragraph style that makes it easy to pick up, read a few pages, and put down again---perfect for a busy person to read in those few available minutes each day.

Do you know why we should ask the saints to pray for us? Do you know what happened to St. Christopher? Do you know who is the protector from cancer? If not, then you need to read this book and have your questions answered!

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Imprimatur (1992) and Nihil Obstat

Many thanks to Saint Gabriel's for donating this book for review.

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