Heroes of Virtue

A Timeline-manual of New World Saints and Blessed
Book cover: 'Heroes of Virtue: A Timeline-manual of New World Saints and Blessed'
Sister Elizabeth Ann
Catholic Heritage Curricula
Stapled Softcover
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115 pages
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We have enjoyed using this manual in our home for almost a year now and have found that it has added a dimension that was lacking from our homeschool before. The author, a member of the congregation Sisters of Saint Joseph the Worker, has done an outstanding job organizing the saints of the Americas by chronology and geographical area. This manual includes saints from both North and South America. Sister Elizabeth Ann begins her book with reasons for studying these saints along with many ideas for incorporating them into ones ongoing historical or geographical studies. She includes information about the various religious orders and information on "How Saints are Made." Her excellent timeline includes key events and people in the history of the Americas with an astric noting where the saints fit into the overall picture. We have found this timeline to be invaluable. Outline maps, which are provided for each area, are easy for the children to trace and the biographies are long enough to provide important information but short enough that they could easily be woven into any history program. The workbook pages and activity sheets at the back of the book allow the student to spend extra time considering the saint's life and how they impacted history.

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Many thanks to Catholic Heritage Curricula for donating this book for review.

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