Christ the King, Lord of History - Answer Key

Rachel Szilagyi
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(for the textbook written by Anne Carroll and reviewed above)

Which busy homeschooling mother couldn't use some extra time in her day? I used to avoid purchasing answer keys and other helps, thinking that the money was better spent in other ways. As my family has grown and my children's work has become more time-consuming and difficult, I have found real value and genuine time savings in having a well-produced answer key. I'm still able to correct first grade math without a key, but not high school history!

This new book will be a wonderful blessing to families who use this popular textbook, and I can't imagine being without it now. I'm sure that we would all agree that it is very important to check a student's work as quickly as possible to give useful feedback. Because the textbook questions are primarily short-answer and not multiple-choice and true-false questions, this process can be very time-consuming. If you do as I do and get interested in what you are reading, it takes even longer!

This key is organized by chapter, making it immediately useful no matter where in the text your student happens to be working. The answers to the chapter-end questions are precise and detailed, giving the optimal response to the question rather than a simplified version that a student might hastily write. Quotations from the textbook itself are used liberally to support the answers given. Highly recommended!

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